Lemon in Water: Benefits You Need

Lemon in Water Benefits Staying hydrated is key to keeping your body healthy and happy, but how many of us remember to drink the recommended amount of water every day? Whether you need a little motivation or are looking for a way to make drinking water more appealing, adding citrus just might do the trick! These lemon in water benefits are here to convince you to drink more water and switch up your hydration methods.

Digestion: Break It Down

First on the list of lemon in water benefits is aiding digestion. Not only does regularly drinking water help with digestion, regularly drinking lemon water provides the body with citrus flavonoids that help the acid in the stomach break down food. For the greatest benefits, warming the water is recommended.

Immune System: Give It a Boost

Your mom was onto something when she told you to drink a glass of orange juice for the Vitamin C after you thought you were getting sick. Vitamin C, also found in lemons, naturally boosts your immune system. Again, the acidity of the stomach comes into play here. The acidic environment prevents illnesses from taking hold, and additional acidity from the lemon water increases its ability to ward off sickness. Lemon in Water Benefits 1

Skin Health: Glow On

Lemons are as chock-full of nutrients as a meal management bag at the beginning of your meal prep week. Their antioxidants decrease blemishes and may also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. So pop those lemons in your water if you want this added benefit!

Inflammation: Reduce and Repair

Regularly drinking lemon water will decrease the acidity in your body and help with inflammation caused by it. It removes uric acid in your joints, which is a known culprit of inflammation. There's no end to the ways our bodies accommodate healthy habits!

Potassium Levels: Pump 'Em Up

One of the most surprising lemon in water benefits is the boost of potassium it can provide. Lemons contain more potassium than apples or grapes! Potassium is important for heart health as well as brain and nerve function. A little added potassium can go a long way. Lemon in Water Benefits 2

Liver Benefits: Protect What's Precious

Last on our list of lemon in water benefits is the potential to boost your liver health and its ability to filter. Again, citrus flavonoids may have added health benefits, as they can potentially reduce fat in the liver and protect it from toxins. It's easy to be swayed into trying this citrus infusion by these lemon in water benefits. After all, when the reasons to try it all offer a positive impact on your health, there's really very little to lose! Never go without water – lemon-infused or not! – with a handy hydration bottle from 6 Pack, such as the Power Thirst Hydration Bottle or Rita Catolino Hydration Tracking Bottle. Make this switch with a little help from our meal management bags, which are designed to adapt to all your healthy challenges! Try the Innovator Mini, also available in Realtree Camo style, for the convenient side pockets designed to hold water bottles of all sizes!

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