Meal Prep Sundays: Grilled Bison Burgers

SOCIAL-GrilledBisonPatties-Nogo (1) Everyone loves a good, healthy burger, and this recipe for grilled bison burgers is easily one of our favorite recommendations! Prep away on Sunday so you have bison burgers for your gym tote, gym backpack, sports duffle bag, and/or meal management system all week long.


Makes 8 patties.

2 lb. ground bison 4 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 8 shakes Tabasco or other pepper sauce 2 tsp kosher salt 1 tsp granulated garlic 2 tsp cracked black pepper 1 sheet of foil high-heat cooking oil


1. In large bowl combine all ingredients and form into 8 patties. 2. Heat grill or grill pan over medium high heat (475F-500F). 3. Grab a wad of paper towels with tongs and dip into a high-heat cooking oil (Don't use olive oil). Oil the top of the grate or grill pan to help create a nonstick surface. 4. Grill on the first side until the juices just start to pool. Flip patties and cook to desired doneness (160F internal temperature for a well done patty). 5. Make a foil tent and set over patties. Let rest for 5-10 minutes to allow the juices to settle back into the meat. 6. Enjoy as they are or make yourself a burger with all the fixins.

Macros Per Patty:

Calories 280 Protein 27g Carbs 2g Fat 17g

Meal Prep Tip:

Our recipe tastes great and makes sure you don't need a lot of sauce on the side, but burgers are highly customizable and can pair with just about anything to please anyone from kids to adults. If you aren't sold on eating the burger patties solo, wrap 'em in lettuce for a protein style burger! Image courtesy of Basheer Tome.

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