Top Nutrition Apps To Maximize Your Meal Plan

If you're like us, you'd rather be hitting the gym than hitting the library. With help from a few fine nutrition apps, you can skip straight to packing up your DURUS meal management system and heading off for a day at the gym. This nutrition app rundown will help you maximize your meal plan.

The Carrot

nutrition-apps-carrotPrice: Free Crunching Calories: Allowing users to log their food and supplement intake, The Carrot has a wide array of trackers that can monitor your diet. The app will even remind you when it's time to take supplements and eat something out of your bodybuilding lunch box. The Game Changer: The Carrot has a feature that most nutrition apps don't: the program helps users who suffer from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension and Asthma.


nutrition-apps-fooducatePrice: Free Crunching Calories: Though you can't track your diet on Fooducate, the app offers the ability to enter a food item and instantly see just how healthy it is. The Game Changer: You can the scan the UPC code of a product using your phone to access the Fooducate grading system. It's one of the fastest nutrition apps – no typing necessary.

Lose It!

nutrition-apps-lose-itPrice: Free Crunching Calories: Lose It! monitors your diet with an easy daily calorie budget counter and a catalog of foods you might store in your 6 Pack Bag. The app offers one of the simplest design formats, which makes it easier to complete food logging on the fly. The Game Changer: Boast about your triumphs and help others in need with the Lose It! social network.


nutrition-apps-fitbitPrice: Free (Premium Account $49.99/Year) Crunching Calories: This may be the king of all nutrition apps. Fitbit allows you to create a goal depending on whether you want to maintain, gain or lose weight, and form a daily diet plan around said goal. In addition, Fitbit offers the ability to log the food and drink you pack in your 6 Pack Bag meal management system everyday and track exercise via a wireless pocket tracker. The Game Changer: Fitbit has a wi-fi scale ($129.95) that you can buy for your home. Simply sync it with the nutrition app and the program will track you weight, BMI and body fat percentage. No matter which way you work out, nutrition is key if you want to get big in the gym. Jump on these nutrition apps to keep your body banging out the most epic workouts possible.

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