Protein Beer: Wasted For Gains

Protein Beer

You have that post-workout swole, ice cold beer in your hand, and Kate Upton's doppelgänger admiring you from an empty table in the bar. The seat next to her is wide open, and you are just the alpha for the task at hand.

Get real.

If you're reading this you are a beer drinker, and every beer drinker is familiar with the realities of drinking beer. It looks a little something like this: you've got that post beer swole (the water retention kind) and Kate Upton's doppelgänger looks more like Sarah Jessica Parker up close, but no matter because your mouth is too full of fried drunk food to go talk to her anyways.

As magical as it is, beer does not exactly have your back when it comes to getting gains. That is, until Blake Konrardy decided to manipulate the system - the digestive system - with his combination of protein and beer. You heard me. Protein beer has arrived.

Protein Beer

Konrardy dreamed this up one post-gym evening out with his boys, when he was double fisting a beer and a protein shake. He pondered that nothing could really replace the feeling of unwinding over a couple beers with friends, but he also was not willing to give up on his goals.

"Supplemental brewing" is the coined phrase for what Konrardy is doing to modify beer for the fitness minded drinker. He fortifies beer with whey protein, using a top-secret process that was not revealed to me. It's the everlasting gobstopper of beer.

Brewtein is their full-flavored wheat protein beer and has 7g of protein, 13g of carbs, and 178 calories. If you are not a fan of wheat beer, opt for Nutribeer, a light lager coming in at 4g of protein, 7g of carbs, and 122 calories. Not bad.

Protein Beer

Before you get too excited, remember that THIS IS STILL BEER. It is not a protein shake or a meal replacement. That being said, protein beer will fit a helluva lot better into your macros than a regular beer will when your heart is set on an ice cold pint.

Check out Supplemental Brewing on Facebook or donate to them on Kickstarter.

Protein Beer

This primer on the new frontier of protein beer has been 6 Pack's former social media maven Jade's last post. Her voice lives on with her features on MMA fighter Ian "Silverback" Butler, firefighter Trent Vann, Justin Moore on how to be a fit dad, and Maribel Lalanne on how to love your body, as well as healthy habits for kids and the power of girls who lift, among other subjects.

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