The Key Elements Of A Quick Workout

Quick Workout1 The worst feeling in the world is lying down in your bed at the end of the day and knowing that you didn't make it to the gym for even a quick workout. With the many distractions life can through your way, you shouldn't consider yourself a failure. Instead, focus on ways to workout outside of the gym, get a bit sweaty and feel good knowing that at least you did something today. It may not put massive muscles on your frame, but continuously being active will help make it easier to hit your goals when you can't make it to the gym.

Quick Workout2

Improvised Equipment

With no weights in sight, you can use your own body mass as the greatest resistance tool known to man. Spread you feet at shoulder-width and lower your body while bending at your knees. Make sure when you are squatting that your thighs become parallel to the floor and you extend your arms out over your knees. By creating this position with your body, you ensure that you are hitting all of the key parts of your body in one impactful workout move.

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Want to break a sweat as fast as possible? Find the nearest jump rope and hop to it. Seriously, you may think jumping rope is for little girls, but this form of cardio training is easily one of the best ways to get in better shape. Start slow and build up your skills with the rope. It's important to learn proper form before trying to go full bore. Once you've mastered basic rope jumping and skipping, it's time to pick up the pace and try spinning the rope as fast as you can. Perfect for circuit training, go as hard as you can for one minute and then move onto your next move.

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Fueling The Fire

If you can't get to the gym, you're most likely short on time because of a busy schedule. This also means you probably haven't eaten well throughout the day and could be dragging from exhaustion. No worries! Prep food for your meal management system that will help fuel your body and always keep you ready for the gym. Need a suggestion? Pack your bag with almonds and apples! You'll get a powerful punch of sugars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein that will keep you moving.

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Resting And Relaxing

It may sound like something a lazy person would suggest, but getting the proper rest after a workout is key. Relaxing helps your body repair and will have you in optimal condition when you head back to the gym for a heartier workout. The act of bodybuilding is helpful to creating muscle, but it's actually the body repairing itself that helps to build up the body. Be sure that you aren't just following part of the killer body equation and take it easy after a long day. There is nothing really complex about getting in a quick workout. You do the work, sweat it out and then take a rest. By packing a quick snack in your meal management bag, you'll be able to fuel a better workout and keep up with your regimen, even when you just don't have the time. By taking any time out of your schedule to keep fit, you are already succeeding where others have failed before.

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