Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 1

Eiffel Tower Ryall2Ryall Graber, 6 Pack Ambassador, is an IFBB Pro and one of Canada's top-ranked Professional Fitness Athletes. As a certified specialist in Performance Nutrition and Training and founder of RyallFitness International, a nutrition and fitness consulting company based out of her home in Barbados, her experience clearly speaks for itself! When we found out that Ryall recently traveled to over fifteen countries, largely on a whim, all with her faithful Renee Tote by her side, we had to find out more.

The Initial Inspiration

As you can imagine, Ryall leads a very busy life, and her latest venture, this time into fashion, was about to take her all the way to Paris. Named RyFit, the venture is a clothing line she created in collaboration with Bia Brazil, a Brazilian designer. They had decided to meet in Paris for Fashion Week to discuss the clothing line and finalize some details. Being an adventurer at heart, Ryall bought a one-way ticket to Paris. She wasn't expecting to be gone for a month, but she quickly discovered her soul needed this trip. With her ability to work on the road, she had the time. She decided she wanted to explore the world, and ended up traveling to fifteen additional countries in the process. An app called Skyscanner helped make the trip affordable. You simply enter where you are and where you want to go, and Skyscanner searches every single airline in the world. Since you can sort by price, you can find the most affordable flights. She planned the next stop on each trip roughly 24 hours in advance based on affordable flight price. Needless to say, it turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime!

The Tour

France | Israel | Jordan | Egypt | Turkey | Ukraine | Luxembourg | Switzerland | Belgium | Italy | San Marino | Greece | Serbia | Montenegro | Austria | USA

All told, Ryall traveled to sixteen different countries on her incredible trip. As an incredibly active person, she naturally gravitated toward athletic and energetic ways to experience the countries she visited. With the capability of her Renee Tote meal management system as well as her own personal traveling mini-kitchen, she was able to stay on track nutritionally as well. Below, we'll begin with some more detail about her first stop in Paris, France and the next few countries on the tour.


Around The World Ryall 6Pack04Around The World Ryall 6Pack05
The adventure kicked off in Paris where she met with Bia Brazil and her team. She spent her time in Paris test driving pieces from the collection and finalizing design details. The collection showcases high performance colorful fabrics and offers fashionable and functional activewear. With a launch date of summer 2015, Ryall is reasonably and justifiably excited for the future of RyFit! You can check her Facebook for more details and shop the new Bia Brazil Collection on her online store.
Around The World Ryall 6Pack011

Ryall testing out RyFit in Paris and flipping out at the Eiffel Tower:



The next stop was unexpected, but happened to work out perfectly. Some of Ryall's friends were touring the Middle East at the time. When she was ready to leave Paris, they were in Israel. With plenty of time and the urge to travel, she booked a flight to Tel Aviv, and the rest of the trip soon followed.

Urban workout in Israel:

Around The World Ryall 6Pack02

In Ryall's own words:

"Rice is the standard 'background' dish in many Middle Eastern menus. It's often cooked quite plain as a foil to the intense colors and pungent flavors of fresh vegetables and meat. Or it might appear all dressed up with spices and protein-rich grains, as in mujaddara, a typical lentil and rice dish. Here I've swapped the traditional white rice for brown rice noodles with slices of chicken breast and fresh lentils." Around The World Ryall 6Pack03

A spectacular view of the Old City of Jerusalem:

Around The World Ryall 6Pack06 Her time in the Middle East was a treasured part of her trip and an eye-opening experience, one she didn't initially anticipate. Witnessing everyday civilian life in the heat of tension invigorated her appreciation of her own freedom and gave her an entirely renewed understanding of the value of her passport.


Next stop: Jordan!

Around The World Ryall 6Pack07 In Jordan, Ryall went straight to Petra, Indiana Jones filming location and popular destination for travelers. Hands down, the marathon sprint Ryall took through Petra was one of the most memorable parts of her trip. Most people do this particular run over the course of two days, but she and a friend strapped on their gear and did it in a day!
Around The World Ryall 6Pack010 Around The World Ryall 6Pack09
Around The World Ryall 6Pack01Traveling the world is an amazing experience. While the Skyscanner app helped her travel on a shoestring budget, 6 Pack helped her stay on top of her nutrition even when faced with all the delicious foods of the world. We're thoroughly pleased to know that the Renee Tote was able to help Ryall maintain her fitness not only in her home of Barbados, but also across the world! Make sure to check back in the coming weeks to see even more of Ryall's excellent travel tips and awesome photos of breathtaking places. For more Ryall, check her out on her website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter! Are you interested in taking an active vacation of your own? Travel fit to Barbados and train with Ryall in paradise! Get more info here.

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