Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 4

Header We've traveled along with Ryall everywhere from Paris to Egypt to Switzerland, and now we've finally come to the last leg of the trip: her time in Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, and a quick stop in the US before Ryall and the Renee tote went back home to Barbados.


Beautiful mountainside view.

Montenegro Greek yogurt has become a health food staple in the United States, but the opportunity to try different varieties of Greek yogurt, which she described as "fantastic," is one of the many great food moments that stood out. Another food moment that stood out was that from country to country, the foreign nutritional labels posed a bit of a challenge. But with the power of Google and the desire to learn, you might be surprised at just how much information you can find. A huge help to Ryall in terms of staying on top of her nutrition game was renting accommodations with some sort of cooking facilities, or at least a fridge. That way, she could cook in bulk and still prep. Because she was moving so quickly, she always made sure she had at least a day of food ahead of time with her everywhere she went; she called it the Flying Kitchen. The Flying Kitchen consisted of the protein powder she brought, which had to be replaced in Luxembourg with protein powder from a local drug store. It was not the great quality she is used to, and that just reinforced her appreciation of all the things she normally has such easy access to. Also part of the Flying Kitchen was her multi-vitamin pack, in addition to powdered greens to ensure that she always had vegetables. Smoked salmon was another staple, because it's easily portable and pairs well with brown rice cakes for a protein/carb combo. More staples included Greek yogurt, hummus, and hardboiled eggs, which were a huge hit because they were so easy to get anywhere. She tried to keep her meals consistently at a minimum of 5 a day in order to keep her metabolism moving. With the Renee tote, she could comfortably fit all the meals she needed for a day's worth of traveling, enabling the 'flying' in the Flying Kitchen. She would replenish it essentially every day. As soon as she got a new location, she would head straight to the fresh market and top everything off, always making sure she had a combo of proteins, fats, and carbs, paired and portioned appropriately.

"With a good bag for meal management, anywhere in the world that you are, you can find local food and make it work for you."


Jetting Slavic-style on Air Serbia.



Look at that blue!



Local architecture.



Ryall just made a quick stop in the United States on her way back home to Barbados, but it still counts as a spot on what she calls the adventure of a lifetime. "This trip recharged my batteries for 5 years," Ryall explained. As someone who is always on the go for professional reasons, it was a good opportunity for her to step back and reflect on the quality of life and opportunities available to those in North America.

"It's not something you can read in a book. You have to experience it and do it."

Ryall insists that traveling fit can be accomplished by anyone who has the commitment and drive. "If you make it part of your lifestyle and who you are, it's completely doable," she said.


Ryall lives in Barbados, so it wasn't included in the full list of 16 destinations. It would, however, be a sensational vacation destination for most of us, so check out a little sneak peek into her everyday fitness in Barbados by checking out her boat workout above!

Ryall's top 5 tips for traveling fit:

1. Stay mindful. Food isn't going extinct! 2. Avoid the sugary treats. 3. Drink a TON of water. 4. Maintain small, frequent meals. 5. Get in daily cardio to that your metabolism stays amped.

With a 6 Pack meal management system, from duffle bags and backpacks to briefcases and totes, it's easier than ever to stick to Ryall's tips and keep your health in tiptop shape even while on the road. Catch up on the entire trip by checking out parts one, two, and three. For more Ryall, head over to her website and find her on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter! If you want to take a fit vacation of your own, you can train in heavenly Barbados with Ryall! Get more information here.

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