Six Ways To Six Pack: Your Way To Creating FIT

Header-Image-02 Excited about 2016? Ready to jump in to the New Year? The end of the year is a great time to reflect on wins and what level you want to grow to in the New Year - mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, relational, and of course, physical. This post is filled with Six Ways to Six Pack and Your Way to Creating FIT. See below to find out more about how to enter the Hashtag Contest to win a FREE Renee Tote or Six Pack gym backpack below!

Six Ways To Six Pack:

1. Ready For Competing

2. Off-Season vs. On

3. Bulking vs. Leaning

4. Cross Training, Special Cases & Day-To-Day

5. Compliments For Convenience

6. Special Bonus Deals $35 & $119 Plans with Six Pack Bag Purchase & More!

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1) Ready to compete?Image 3

Have you considered competing in a fitness competition? Is 2016 your year? When I made the decision, I first put myself through a mini prep for three months following a meal and workout plan prior to joining Team Edge. I wanted to be sure I was ready. Competing requires sacrifices in all areas of your life. It is important to consider the adjustments to becoming a better person and athlete. 1. Training: 1.5-2 hours daily. 2. Meal Prep: 2 - 4 hours weekly. 3. 100% Clean Eating: Ability to compete. 4. Lifestyle Impact: Eating out, travel. 5. Financial Impact: May range $400 monthly to ~$2,500 overall.

Clean Eating

If you are serious, and want massive results, there aren't any deviations. If deviations happen, the consequences will depend on how often and how much, as that is what may impact your ability to compete in the target show.

Lifestyle Impact

I am a big believer of the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. Your time, loved ones, mind, emotions, and finances will all be impacted in competing or gearing to compete.

Financial ImpactImage 4

1. Food: $300 - $500 a month. 2. Supplements: $100 - $150+ a month. 3. Coaching: $200 - $400 a month. 4. Show Registration: $100 - $300 5. NPC / Org Card: $100 - $200 annual. 6. Bikini / Show Gear: $200 - $500 7. Tan, Makeup & Hair: $200-$500

2) Off-Season vs. On

It is easy to quickly slip from on-season to off and make some common mistakes in the process. Don't let this be you! 1) Not eating enough or eating too much. 2) Eliminating or reducing carbs. 3) Eliminating or reducing cardio 4) Not enough rest. 5) Obsession about scale. 6) Lack of a goal. Post-show, I believe it is good to slowly reverse step by step from doing your plan in reverse. Yes, have a great meal after the show, or a few of them. At the same time, take care of your body. I stay within 10 lbs. off -season. I believe in staying within reach and not losing the hard work. In addition, a key component of my business is health maximizer programs and bundles so it keeps me accountable! I've now competed in two shows and done the research on post-show rebounds. In the off season, I simply increase my complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats) to increase muscle growth and treats 2-3x a month. Put simply, enjoy life but don't go crazy! Image 5

3) Bulking vs. Leaning

Image 6This is not a recipe to pack on weight needlessly. Decide what you want and align the steps appropriately. 1) Think increased muscle, e.g. lifting and weight. 2) Think of carbs to fuel your activity & cycle them. 3) Focus on protein and recovery. 4) Don't forget healthy fats. 5) Don't forget the greens! 6) Mix up cardio! Dance! Yoga! Boxing! More! 7) Focus on your goal & stay focused! Get additional insight here, and check out the 6 Pack guide on How to Meal Prep & Train for Bulking Up With Shawn Rhoden for even more!

4) Cross Training

Are you bored? Do you need variety? Do you love all kinds of fitness? Great news! Cross training leads to benefits in conditioning, injury prevention, and recovery. A variety of fitness keeps your body and mind outside the comfort zone. As a result, your body keeps responding! Cross-training approaches are also becoming more and more popular in a variety of sports, e.g. NFL, NBA and the military. I've maintained lifting in my off-season, while adding yoga, spinning, dancing, and boxing through the same avenues I offer clients nationwide in our bundles. Image 7

5) Special Cases: Paleo, Vegetarian & More!

There are many people who choose specific programs for lifestyle, health reasons, and beliefs. Here are some resources that may help you in this journey! 1) Paleo Leap and 6 Pack's How to Meal Prep: Paleo Edition 2) Livestrong and 6 Pack's How to Build Muscle As a Vegetarian 3) 6 Pack's How to Vegan Meal Prep With Darlene Adamusik Image 8

6) Compliments For Convenience

KISS: Keep it simple, stupid! I struggled for years of going up and down until I finally got i, and these are some of the tools I use to stay on track. 1) Meal Bags: Innovator or Renee Tote. 2) Supplements: Herbalife Shakes, BCAAs, & Protein. 3) ClassPass: Variety of Fitness Classes Nationwide. Find what works best for you and incorporate it into your lifestyle for ease! Image 9

Hashtag Contest

You can win a FREE Renee Tote or Six Pack Gym Backpack!

Details: Show us how you create FIT. Be creative! It could be working out, inspiring others, meal prep, or a combination! 1) Tag: Six Pack Bags (@6packbags) 2) Tag: Fit Life Creation (@fitlifecreation) 3) Tag: 5 Friends 3) Hashtag: #6packcreatemyfit 4) Post Daily to increase chances. 5) Added Entries: If you purchase Unlimited Fitness, Fitness Model Photo Shoot Challenge, or Travel With Us to Costa Rica in May, you will get an entry for each item! See more details here! Note: Each of these deals include options with Six Pack Bags too!

The contest runs December 11, 2015 - January 31, 2016.

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Image 10 This blog has been brought to us by Katrina Julia, Herbalife Ambassador, NPC Bikini Competitor, and creator of Fit Life Creation, an expansive program all about transforming individual lives and the world around us for the better. Check it out online at the Fit Life Creation website and Instagram, and check out Katrina Julia on Facebook and Instagram. Find out more about Six Pack Bags, , Herbalife Nutrition, and Class Pass and check out her post on How You Can Start to FIT Into Your Six Pack! Sponsors

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