Super Bowl 2018

By Laurin Conlin With Super Bowl weekend upon us, there are a few ways you can prepare so that you can both enjoy the game but also stick with your fitness goals. Now, I'm not someone who recommends missing events because there will be high-calorie foods or ignore eating altogether. But, there are a few simple and easy ways you can make the event more health conscious while still having a great time.   If you are hosting the party, you can make sure that there are healthy, macro friendly options sprinkled in with the regular tailgate party favorites. If you are not hosting the party, ask what they'll have there and if you can bring anything. This way you're going to the event knowing what the options will be. You can also contribute and make a small dish or bring something that you'd like to eat.   Now that you know what will tentatively be at the party, you can plan your day a bit better beforehand. Something a lot of people think is 'if I'm going to eat a lot later, I shouldn't eat much during the day.' While I understand the logic, unless you have incredibly high willpower, that will likely backfire. Going to a party with lots of food when you are already hungry can be a disaster. It's kind of like going to the grocery store hungry, and we all know how that ends. Instead, aim to have a few high-protein, moderate carb and fat meals earlier in the day. That way you're satiated going into the party, and you've already had some normalcy in the day. Also, if you are tracking what you are eating, making sure you get several quality protein meals in before you leave will also keep you on track for the week and help you hit your goals.   Just like any party or event with a lot of food, there will be lots of high-calorie, delicious items. Instead of completely ignoring them, make sure to fill up your plate with lower calorie options first (think lean protein sources, veggies and fruit) and watch your portion sizes on the higher calorie options. I like to scan the room first to see what's out and then make an informed decision from there. This is where it helps to bring a dish – even if it's a veggie tray – so that you have some healthy options.   Depending on how long you'll be at the party, you might want to bring a meal anyway to avoid snacking all night. Thankfully for us ladies, 6 Pack Bags now makes purses that we can bring our food in. These purses have been a lifesaver for me with all the travel I do – even to somewhere local. You don't have to worry about where to grab food since a meal is in your purse! If you're not bringing a dish to contribute to the party, you can easily bring a meal. However, if you are contributing food plus a meal, 6 Pack also makes several convenient cooler bags that will store all the food you need to bring.   Parties and events don't have to be something you avoid because of food. By pre-planning your day, bringing a dish or meal to the party, and making good choices while you're out, you can enjoy any event you attend. Hope y'all enjoy your Super Bowl parties this year!

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