The Verdict is In: Swolemates Are Good for Your Health

Couples Header-02 What could be steamier than a scantily clad, smokin' hot couple hitting the gym hard in sweat-tastic glory? Everyone else is watching, drooling with envy and fascination, but for you it's just another day with the #bae. It's nice to think that couples who train together stay together, but really how true is that? Well folks, we've done the research and we're happy to report that couples who sweat together are statistically more likely to remain swolemates for life! (Not to mention be the best looking couple in the joint.)

Love yourself.

Here at 6 Pack, we're all about shamelessly unsolicited relationship advice, so here ya go: you cannot be a fantastic partner to anyone until you perfect a stellar relationship with yourself. And there's very little else that helps you achieve a great self-relationship than exercise. We don't have to tell you twice that working out will improve your sleep, your anxiety levels, and even catapult your brain into optimal functionality mode. Coffee industries are not going to like what I am about to say but a recent Harvard study suggests that getting enough sleep can help you stay on point during the day more than any cup o' joe ever could. Did I mention that sleep can also protect you from potential infection, illness, and even heart disease? Furthermore, being in optimal health will arm you with amazing pheromones, heavenly breath (it's true - poor health causes bad breath), radiant skin, and impressive stamina (wink, wink).

Make time for your partner and fitness.

Living the fit life is not easy and making time for your partner can be hard when you're dealing with a jam-packed schedule and, of course, many doting admirers who you will (obviously) reject for the love of your one and only swolemate. Thing is, there is nothing like a relationship to call attention to the reality of your health habits. A brownie binge-fest in the arms of a kale nut will shed unmerciful light on your imperfect dietary habits faster than Donald Trump can say, "You're fired." However, sharing good habits with your partner can be as magical as Sriracha on chicken and broccoli. A date at the gym is the perfect way to spend time together while simultaneously keeping each other on track with your fitness goals. Nobody winds up feeling left behind and nobody gets stuck with the guilt of not making enough time for their hunnie-bunnie. Working out together keeps you accountable; not to mention, it gives you an endorphin rush to remember.

The importance of endorphins.

Speaking of endorphins, these are the chemicals your body produces to both block pain and encourage you to repeat certain behaviors. Have you ever noticed that a rigorous training session can relieve you of stress or anger almost immediately? Have you ever noticed the euphoric rush that washes over you during/ after a hardcore gym session? Those are endorphins unleashing and coaching the neurons in your brain to feel as unstoppable as an extra shot of pre-workout after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep dreaming about leg day. And get this, according to a Harvard study on endorphin activity (because who argues with Harvard?), just a brisk 30-minute walk every day keeps you in good emotional health! That's right. The endorphins released from a rigorous cardio/ lift session can keep you and your swolemate on the mood elevator of a lifetime! And let's face it, the only thing worse than a bad-mood-bae is a workout sans headphones. Is there anything really worse than forgetting your headphones? Couples Image2

Strike a pose.

Now that you are rolling on that sweet endorphin-high, let's talk physique. As members of the sexiest demographic in the modern marketing world, we don't have to tell you twice that nothing beats feeling good about the way you look. The days of sucking in your stomach, purposefully falling into bad lighting, and wearing black on black mid-summer to optical-illusion-the-truth-away are behind you. This is the era of you and it hasn't come easy. You've overcome many a hurdle to get here and are now free to truly bask in the glory of your smokin' hot self. Your partner will admire you for it and you will, no doubt, return the favor.

Cheating? Only with a meal every now and then.

When it comes to a couple as healthy, happy, and hot as the two of you, there's obviously no need to discuss cheating. Unless of course, your lover on the side is a tantalizing pair of buns sandwiching a juicy, sweaty beef burger slathered in melted cheese. We are talking about a cheat meal, silly! Where was your mind going? Being part of a health-conscious couple will give you someone to hold you accountable when you're tempted to veer from your macros. Nobody in your relationship lets processed sugar sneak its way into your cabinets and there is always someone there to pry the cookie dough out of your self-sabotaging hands. However, come cheat meal-time you will have someone as excited as you are to enjoy the one meal of the week you've BOTH been anticipating!

Now grab your swolemate, head to the gym, and start planning some post-workout nom nom! You can thank us later.

This post was brought to us by 6 Pack's resident social media badass, Jade. Check out her post on the best proteins to get you the most gains possible, don't forget to come back for more of our fitness transformation stories and Meal Prep Sunday recipes, and browse all the 6 Pack gear here! Sources:

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