6 Top Fitness Apps to Fuel You in 2015

Top Fitness Apps The secret to a fit life has always been to set an attainable goal and work every day towards reaching it. If you find yourself losing some of the ambition it takes to improve your health and fitness, there are luckily numerous fun and accessible ways to get refocused. Want to know a secret? One of the best ways to be successful in goal attainment is to make these necessary changes a new part of your lifestyle, and that is the hardest part of all. But we are here with a primary focus on helping you reach your strong goals, whether with the help of our meal management systems or this guide to the top fitness apps of 2015. With the help of many spectacular smartphone apps we have access to, it is now easier than ever to get refocused and guided through your workout plans. The top fitness apps of 2015 can be your new best friend and gym buddy so you're never alone.

Charity Miles

One of the top fitness apps of 2015 is called Charity Miles, which motivates you to get moving by rewarding different charities for every mile that you walk, run, or bike. Charity programs such as Autism Speaks, Every Mother Counts, and Feeding America will be given $.10 per mile biked, and .$25 per mile walked or ran. You can now become a sponsored athlete for these charities and more, feeling influenced to be active and knowing that you are contributing to a great foundation. When else could we achieve fitness AND charity donation at the same time?! iTunes App Store | Google Play Store Top Fitness Apps


Fitnet will be useful to anyone seeking the accountability from a fitness trainer. Fitnet provides you with trainers who create custom plans, track your progress, and give you feedback. With over 100 workout videos to choose from on Fitnet, the app turns your camera into a "biometric sensor" through which you can compare your movements to the trainer's. New workout videos are posted weekly, varying from yoga to strength and cardio exercises to fit your preferences. Whether you're a fitness noob or a muscle maniac, Fitnet even offers fast 5-minute workouts when you are on a crunch for time. iTunes App Store | Google Play Store Top Fitness Apps

Gym Genius

With Gym Genius, you will be able to maximize your weight lifting efforts with the easy tracking of sets and reps for each bench press. The app automatically keeps track of your previous bench press accomplishments, as well as new personal records for you to crush! You'll see that Gym Genius is easy to use and displays all of your important data within one screen. The app also includes detailed graphs and logs through which you can observe your strength levels and alter your training plan to get stronger end results. iTunes App Store Top Fitness Apps


Handstand, another one of the top fitness apps of 2015, will help you find the best personal trainer for you by sorting through different trainers based on their prices, specialties, and time availabilities. These trainers will actually come to you, so you can choose the best location for your personal workouts. Handstand provides a good variety of specialized trainers that have surpassed background checks and required testing. Handstand is at your service, saving you the time and research it takes to find the best trainer for you. iTunes App Store | Google Play Store Top Fitness Apps


MINDBODY Connect easily makes scheduling for any type of class/session that much easier. Whether you want a massage, time in the spa, Zumba practice, or a session of hardcore cycling, MINDBODY pulls up all of those practices that are nearby you, the dates and times, and prices of the appointments and classes. You can even pay via credit card for these sessions directly through the app. For an efficient way to coordinate your mind and body, there's no better than MINDBODY Connect. iTunes App Store | Google Play Store TopFitnessApps6

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout

StrongLifts 5x5 is a step-by-step workout app that instructs you through every aspect of your workout session. For those who are unable to afford or find a personal trainer, StrongLifts can act as a mobile trainer, giving you suggested exercises, how many sets and reps to complete, and also when and how long to incorporate rest time between each workout. The app is able to track all of your fitness data and will tell you when to increase or repeat the weight, alternate the workout, or redo the workout based on your performances. StrongLifts is there for you when you feel lost about your fitness routine and can fill the place of a coach. iTunes App Store | Google Play Store Top Fitness Apps We know and understand the burden that anyone can lose their fitness focus, so we strive to give provide you with good guidelines for physical success. These top fitness apps of 2015 can boost anyone's success in the gym or at home. Live your life fit with these valuable fitness apps, our meal management friendly sports duffle bags and gym totes, and more tips from us along the way to ensure you are ready for fitness greatness.

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