Transformations Series: Collin Tate

TransformationsCollinHeader 23-year-old Collin Tate wasn't much into working out or playing sports in high school. He stayed active with his skateboard and playing guitar. As a young musician, he first experienced pushing himself with the burning desire to be the greatest he would later apply to fitness. His true fitness transformation began on his 20th birthday, April 1st 2012. As he puts it, "When I noticed I could use my rapidly growing gut as an armrest when watching TV," he knew he had to make a change. Now he competes in shows, loves lifting, and moves through multiple training regiments, although he notes that the best is when he's in the zone getting ready for a show. TransformationsCollin2

A typical week for him looks something like this:

Day 1: Chest and back Day 2: Legs and shoulders Day 3: Rest/cardio Day 4: Arms and shoulders Day 5: Abs and calves Day 6: Rest/cardio

Collin's early inspiration stems from his middle school English teacher, Mr. Manguso. "I still think how amazing it is that just one sentence can have such a huge impact on a student's life," Collin points out. Thinking back to when he was 12 (when he was, by his own admittance, a bit of a class clown), his teacher's words opened his mind to what he now views as the true definition of success.

"It's not about being the richest or number 1, but [about] having a dream and seeing it through."

As with many others when beginning their fitness transformation, Collin's largest hurdle was meal timing. But when he learned more about 6 Pack Bags, they quickly became his secret weapon. With the release of the new Originator in May, available in both 500 and 300 versions, Collin knew he had to up his game and get one. TransformationsCollin3

"I'm loving my new Originator 500! [It's] such an improvement with the sure-lock Tupperware and hard-shell interior. When you hold this bad boy, you KNOW that you've already won!"

With his 6 Pack Bag, Collin is always prepared. He truly believes that the failure to prepare is preparing for failure! As a young man, Collin clearly has a bright future ahead of him inspiring others to have a great shift for the better by going the extra mile for their health. He hopes that he may have the same impact on others as his teacher did on me. Collin values the hunger of never settling, and it's clear that he stays true to his beliefs! We wish Collin the best of luck in achieving all his fitness dreams and are proud of the role 6 Pack has been able to play in his life. Check out even more inspirational tales in our Transformation Series and help yourself find the right meal management system, gym tote, or gym backpack for you!

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