Transformations Series: Garrett Strout

fitness transformation garrett-02 Our Transformations Series shares the stories of some of the most hardworking individuals who are dedicated to turning their lives around. Today we bring you the fitness transformation of Garrett Strout, a total badass from Bangor, Maine. Garrett struggled with his weight for years until he finally made the decision to break the mold and completely change his lifestyle with the help of a meal management system. Garrett's fitness transformation began when he was only 15 years old and weighed 270 pounds. Garrett had enough of the high school bullies making fun of his weight. "I had everything happen, from just name calling to being beat up to having people steal my lunch and say they were 'doing me a favor,'" Garrett said. These moments added up, and eventually led to the major change in his lifestyle. Fast-forward three years, and Garrett has lost 40 pounds and quite a bit of body fat – now his body fat level comes in at less than 10%! He was the captain of his football team his senior year and is currently a manager at his local GNC. At only 18 years old, he has made huge strides for himself and is clearly on the road to success. fitness transformation garrett-03 Garrett considers himself the black sheep of the family, since no one else has ever committed to a fitness transformation like his own. He comes from a family with a love for cooking and a soft spot for dessert. "My family loves dessert and loves to make lots. It was incredibly hard to turn it all down," Garrett said. Instead of enjoying generous helpings of dessert, Garrett now follows a strict diet while he's bulking. He makes sure to eat 425g of protein, 450g of carbs, and 110g of fat from clean, healthy foods every day. His workout regimen is just as structured: legs twice a week, back twice a week, chest once a week, and shoulders once a week. With such a busy workout schedule, Garrett allows himself one day to rest. fitness transformation garrett-04 6 Pack aided Garrett's journey immensely. He plans to use his meal management system regularly since it has benefited him so much. Meal prepping is an important part of anyone's fitness transformation, and Garrett's is no different. "Having all my meals prepped was and always will be a huge part of my journey," he said. Before, he talked about 6 Pack Bags nonstop after seeing them being used in every magazine he picked up. He now owns one of our gym backpacks thanks to his girlfriend who surprised him with one on his birthday. fitness transformation garrett-05 Like many others, Garrett wanted to lose weight to become like everyone else. But once the ball was rolling, he decided that wasn't enough. "I didn't want to be like anybody else. I wanted to be better," Garrett said. He also has some advice for those looking to improve their lives:

"Set a higher standard for yourself than anybody else does, and never give up."

When asked about his hobbies, Garrett responded, "I would've said bodybuilding, but that's not a hobby. It's my life." Clearly, Garrett speaks the truth. With goals like competing on the Olympia stage one day and owning his own supplement company, Garrett is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged bodybuilder. His fitness transformation is far from over, and with the help of his 6 Pack bag, his success can only continue.

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