Transformations Series: Jacob Suwinski

Transformations - Jacob Jacob Suwinski, 20-year-old fitness enthusiast from Toledo, Ohio has a unique yet relatable transformation story we can all learn from. Fitness trends are everywhere, so it's more important than ever to figure out what you can learn from the most. For Jacob, it was the discovery that what matters most is how you fuel your body. His fitness transformation began in 2009 before a summer trip to Florida. Although he was doing dumbbell curls, pull-ups, push ups and sit ups, he wasn't seeing any results. He took to the Internet, reading countless "bro science" articles about fad diets and dangerous nutritional protocols. Jacob's research quickly became an obsession. As Jacob upped the intensity of his workouts and plunged into extreme diets, the obsession grew more and more irrational until he had dropped from 126lbs to 97lbs! At this point, Jacob was admitted to an eating disorder clinic where he stayed for a few months. He struggled, both as the only male there and when adapting to the rigorous rules, but he soldiered on and eventually returned to a healthy weight. From that point on, Jacob vowed to only use fitness toward one overarching goal: a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Transformations - Jacob & Friend Unfortunately, reality and goals don't always match up. Returning to school after his summer rehabilitation was difficult for Jacob. His personality had changed and he alienated himself from his friends. He became very antisocial and paranoid about not only the way others saw him, but also the way he saw himself. Over the rest of his high school career he found himself in and out of the hospital. He struggled with recovery and continued to battle against his own destructive behavior, including a trip to the hospital on Christmas Day due to a caffeine overdose (a mistakenly excessive dose) after which he was told that he shouldn't be alive. Transformations - Jacob With a continued commitment to the idea that food is fuel and not the enemy, Jacob's consistent goal is to work toward a healthy and balanced fitness transformation. Instrumental to his success has been the support he's received from his social fit family and other fitness enthusiasts he has met at the Arnold Classic in Columbus. Transformations - Jacob In fact, it was during a visit to the Arnold Classic that Jacob was first exposed to the vastness of the fitness community and the breadth of companies who support healthy living in all shapes and forms. His excitement about fitness was growing, and he began to feel even more dedicated and passionate about his newfound lifestyle.

While walking the show floor at the Arnold, Jacob was introduced to 6 Pack Bags. He immediately knew that a having a 6 Pack Bag would help him with his transformation and recovery.

Meal timing was and still is imperative for Jacob's continuing fitness transformation. Throughout high school, Jacob was able to use his 6 Pack Bag to stay on track with no excuses. Since it fit easily in his locker, he always had easy access to lunch, after school meals, and shaker cups. A regimented schedule of eating every few hours kept his body and mind satisfied, which prevented him from skipping meals or avoiding them altogether.

"A great deal of my fitness success is thanks to 6 Pack Bags for allowing me to make meal prep fun and enjoyable while still giving me all the fuel I need to succeed."

Jacob is currently living with clinically diagnosed hypothyroidism and hypogonadism, along with stage 3 adrenal fatigue with high cortisol. Yet none of this is stopping him from using his knowledge of nutrition to always strive for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Today, Jacob is 26 lbs. heavier than his lowest weight and currently lifting on a push/pull/legs/repeat split with occasional cardio to keep it balanced. He acknowledges the importance of food more than ever and has begun socializing with many of his old friends again.

"I love 6 Pack Bags and contribute a lot of my success and continued recovery to [their] products!"

It's very important to us that our meal management bags can truly help Jacob and others like him not only in achieving fitness transformations, but in maintaining recovery as well. We're proud to share Jacob's story with our meal management community and inspired by our role in it! For even more fitness transformation stories, explore our Transformations Series. Jumpstart your own fitness transformation with just the right 6 Pack Bag for your lifestyle! Between our original meal management bags, gym backpacks, sports duffle bags, and gym totes, you are sure to find the perfect bag for you!

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