Transformations Series: Mitchell Piersante

Mitchell - Fitness Transformation Header Fitness transformation stories inspire and encourage us to constantly strive toward reaching our own health and fitness goals. For Mitchell Piersante-Horn, a 21-year-old bank teller in Michigan, everything changed when he was diagnosed with a very strange heart condition. Mitchell's heart condition causes his heart to slow down at such a quick rate that he ends up passing out. He does not experience any warning signs, and unfortunately can pass out at any given moment, during any activity. He has suffered numerous episodes of passing out throughout the years, but doctors have been unable to find an underlying cause for the heart problem. Mitchell - Fitness Transformation Header In 2013, Mitchell underwent surgery pertaining to this condition, and that's when his fitness transformation truly began. Prior to the surgery, he weighed 235 lbs. with 22% body fat. He was frequently sluggish and felt no motivation to get anything done. But he didn't want to let his heart condition stop him from living his life, nor did he want to limit himself from certain activities. His surgery inspired him to live a healthier lifestyle overall. Fast forward a year and Mitchell had dropped down to 225 lbs. with 18% body fat. He is currently at an impressive 198 lbs. with only 12.5% body fat, and his goal is to continue cutting down as he prepares himself for the next season of men's physique in the NPC division. Mitchell - Fitness Transformation Header

"It's been a rollercoaster process, but that's what it's all about. With nutrition as one of the key factors behind hitting your goals, it's companies like 6 Pack that make it possible for the average Joe like myself to make a difference."

Among Mitchell's many inspirations include his incredibly supportive girlfriend who has been by his side every step of the way, as well as Steve Cook, who Mitchell considers to have not only the ideal physique, but a deeply generous, gracious, and humble attitude to aspire to, as well. In fact, it was Steve Cook who introduced 6 Pack Bags to Mitchell through one of his first videos with the 6 Pack team. Mitchell - Fitness Transformation Header Although Mitchell does not have his own 6 Pack Bag yet, he hopes to get his own Expedition Backpack (also available in the BSN Snow Camo Limited Edition and 500 Edition) very soon. The hardest goals seem achievable to Mitchell with a 6 Pack Bag, and he has big plans to expand upon his own meal prep skills even further when the time comes.

"I just think it's a genius idea to have a functional cooler for traveling that also maintains the basic needs of a bag to keep you on track! You make a fantastic product and I cannot wait to get one for myself."

When it comes to his diet and what will actually go in his 6 Pack Bag, Mitchell is a proponent of the IIFYM system. (Find out more about it in our guide on How to Meal Prep: If It Fits Your Macros!) "Being able to eat the foods you wish and still help reach your fitness goals is a huge deal," Mitchell explains. His current macros are protein: 200g; carbs: between 180 and 220g; and fats: 55g. Mitchell knows that he's nowhere near done. But what has helped him greatly is to realize that he will make it work, no matter what body he was given or how many hours he has to put in. With his heart condition, Mitchell can be out for only a few seconds to over 10 minutes.

"But I can't let that be a fear," he states with pride. "I have to take it day by day, just like everyone else. I make sure to watch my heart rates and breathing patterns, and I tackle each day as it comes."

When it comes to the future, Mitchell has the highest of hopes. He desires to help others in any way he possibly can, as well as compete in the NPC in the Men's Physique Division, travel around the world, and try to make a difference to someone like his idols have done for him. In the end, though, Mitchell's everyday goals are the same we should all aspire to: "I just want to stay on track, build from there, and see what's next for me!" Mitchell - Fitness Transformation Header Explore even more motivational life journeys in our Fitness Transformations Series. To find the right 6 Pack Bag for you, browse our meal management bags, gym backpacks, sports duffle bags, and gym totes.

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