Transformations Series: Sherri Buck

  Transformations-Series-Sherri-Buck Working long hours at desk jobs and jumping from fad diet to fad diet, Sherri Buck had struggled with her weight for most of her adult life. Within three and a half years, Sherri completely transformed her diet and exercise routine, dropping roughly 140 pounds, fixing existing health issues, and increasing her confidence. Sherri's inspiring story is the latest in our 6 Pack Fitness Transformations Series. Sherri, a Grapvine, Texas native, was always conscious of her diet, though she worked 10-hour days at desk jobs for most of her adult life. Dealing with frequently fractured ankles and other health issues, Sherri sought to make a change. "I actually ate pretty healthy, which probably kept me from having high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, and things like that," Buck said. "But I was sitting at a desk for most of my days and eating high-carb food like beans and rice and fruit, and if you don't burn it, it's all going to convert to fat." Tired of spending most of her days behind a desk, Sherri decided to hire in to a traveling merchandising position. As a territorial representative for her new company, Sherri was on the move throughout West Texas and Oklahoma. Transformations-Series-Sherri-Buck At around the same time, Sherri also enlisted the help of a personal trainer for her exercise routine and diet. While Sherri said the career change helped, she credits a lot of her weight loss success to her personal trainer. "I had been through every fad diet you can think of," Buck said. "But after I hired a serious trainer, I dropped almost 100 pounds in four months." Sherri said her exercise routine started slow, but as she began to lose weight and learn more about exercises and workouts, she became more comfortable in the gym. "We started weightlifting and cardio, and at that time when I started cardio, I would go in the gym and limp on the treadmill," Buck said. "But as the weight started dropping, the less I hurt, and my body would recover." However, in her new traveling position, Sherri regularly had to play what she calls "restaurant roulette". After a suggestion from her trainer to prepare her own food, Sherri eventually invested in an Expert Innovator Meal Management Bag. "Even though I was making healthy food choices and pretty clean choices of where I ate, my trainer had called me out for not prepping my own food," Buck said. "So I ended up buying the Innovator." Unsure if the Innovator would protect her food in the hot Texas climate, Sherri wasn't sure if a meal management bag was for her. However, she soon found out that the heat didn't phase her Six Pack Fitness bag. "I was a little hesitant at first because it gets really hot in Texas and I didn't know if it would keep my food cold," Buck said. "But I bought one and absolutely loved it. It's packed every morning before I leave for work and it keeps everything cold." Transformations-Series-Sherri-Buck Beginning to prepare her own food on a daily basis, Sherri's knowledge of nutrition increased significantly. She credits a lot of her progress to counting macronutrients and recognizing the issues with a high-carb diet. "The main thing for me was getting my macros right," Buck said. "Once I figured out that all of those carbs were doing me more harm than good, it really helped me to start changing my diet." Though Sherri is still striving to reach new individual goals, she also wants to help out others with their health and weight loss. She recently enrolled in a training and nutrition academy to help her teach others about what she has learned on her transformation journey. "I have some new goals and would like to thin out some more, but I also have a lot of people contacting me now that have asked me to help them," Buck said. With plenty of knowledge, discipline, and an inspiring weight loss experience to teach from, we're sure that Sherri will make for a great fitness coach. You can find more inspiring stories from our Transformations Series here.

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