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Travel Fit Holidays - Header Many people are faced with lots of traveling during the holiday season. Our health and fitness is usually jeopardized based on poor food choices at the airport and lots of sitting around. We tend to indulge, spend a lot of money, and feel guilty about it. I have the solution for you! No more excuses and blaming your travel – you can take some easy steps to make it work. Here are my 6 tips for making the right choices while traveling and staying fit.

Vegan Meal Prep1. Bring your own food to the airport or during long drives.

Save your money and pack your own food. Don't get anything from the airport because there are no healthy choices and items tend to be overpriced. I like to use my 6 Pack Bag when I travel. I've been using 6 Pack Bags for more than 3 years, and love them! The bags are insulated and come with plastic containers and ice packs. They come in numerous sizes, styles, and colors, and are extremely convenient and TSA-approved. Having a 6 Pack Bag will help you stick to your plan, save money while you're away from home, and prevent you from making poor decisions.

2. Pack the right stuff in your carry on bag.

Bring a blender bottle. You can save money by not buying airport water, and it's also handy for quick shakes if you don't want to carry actual food. Once you cross the gate, fill your water and stay hydrated. Prepare zipper storage bags of your favorite plant-based protein powder. I like NutraSumma Fermented Pea Protein and Growing Naturals Rice Protein; they taste amazing and it's not grainy. Instead, it's creamy and smooth. It also has the right amount of protein, fat, and carbs to control your glucose levels so you are feeling satisfied, which helps stabilize your metabolism and keeps it from crashing. Make your own protein bars. You can email me for some recipes at, but if you just don't have time to make your own, I recommend GoMacro Bars. They are gluten-free, with no sugar added and all natural ingredients. I am obsessed with Apple Walnut and the Peanut Butter Protein. Pack your vitamins. With all the traveling and stress, we need to avoid getting sick. Load up on your Vitamin C and don't forget your B6. As mentioned in step 1, bring your own meals. I pack all my meals for my trip in my 6 Pack Bags backpack, which is my carry on bag. Bring your own gym equipment. Jump rope, TRX, or resistance bands are all great options that travel easily. I love using the Skimble app, too; it's packed with thousands of workouts and custom training programs, specializing in and ranging from bodyweight and quick strength building routines to pilates, yoga, and a variety of other workouts. Travel Fit Holidays - Darlene 3

3. Wear comfy clothes.

Don't dress up! I don't understand why anyone would wear heels to the airport. Wear sneakers and workout gear, because you can workout while you are waiting to board.

4. Exercise at the airport.

Here are some tips for exercising without looking obvious. - Use the stairs, not the escalator. - Run to your gate; pretend you are about to miss your flight! (I do that all the time – it's great exercise when you have a weighted bag.) - Don't sit by your gate. Walk around the airport while waiting for your departure. Sitting too long holds water weight on your gluteal muscles and thighs. You will be sitting for long hours on the plane anyway, so take advantage of long wait times and get that blood flowing instead. - Do lunges and squats with your bag. - Do squats every time you pick up your bag. - Stretch. - Some airports even have yoga classes! Check to see if yours does. Travel Fit Holidays - Darlene 2

5. Make it your priority to work out wherever your destination happens to be.

Here are some routine ideas that are short, fast, and will get you moving. - Download the Skimble app. You get free workouts with a trainer! - Do 10 pushups, 15 squats, 20 sit-ups. Repeat until 20 minutes have elapsed. - Wake up early and do a 10-minute run wherever you are. Explore the city. If you don't want to run, then walk! It's better than nothing. - For 15 minutes do a workout weighted with a backpack: 10 each of squat jumps holding a backpack, pushups with a backpack on, and rotational lunges while holding a backpack. - For more travel workout routines, check out my Lifestyle Membership, which includes a workout and meal plan for 25.99/month. Travel Fit Holidays - Darlene

6. Make smart choices when going out to eat with your loved ones.

If you plan on eating out every day while traveling, be prepared to regret how you feel after your trip. But you might not have a choice! What you can do is make healthy choices when going out to restaurants. - Avoid the free bread dishes. You will save yourself calories. One is normally 300-400 calories alone. Why pack up the extra calories and carbs for no reason? - Drink a glass of water before your meal comes to your table. Try to fit in 3 glasses, which will help you feel full and flush out sodium. Restaurant meals are packed with high levels of sodium, usually more than the recommended daily intake. - Do not choose pasta dishes. These are likely to be high in sodium, fat, and carbs. - Skip the appetizer unless it's your main meal. - Choose salad instead of fries and take your dressing on the side. - Opt for an open faced veggie burger without the top bun if possible. - Avoid creamy soups, sauces, and dressings, as they are high in sodium and fat. Combined with other parts of the meal, it adds up! - Avoid fried meals. Look for grilled or broiled foods. - DRINK MORE WATER!!! - Skip the dessert or take one bite from someone else. That way you also save money, but still get a little taste!

7. If you are at a family dinner, follow these tips.

- Drink a lot of water! - Choose one protein (portion with your hand and get one whole hand size). - Load up with veggies, but only if they are not slathered in mayo or creamy sauces. - Choose only 2 side dishes or take smaller portions if you want to sample more. - Skip dessert or take just one bite, unless it's from my e-book The Affordable Vegan Diet or my Dar-licious recipes at These are my 6 steps on how to travel fit during the holidays. No excuses Рremember to take charge of your life! If you need more help, you can reach out to me at This post has been brought to us by 6 Pack Ambassador and Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator Darlene Taylor, n̩e Adamusik. She is a health and fitness professional with over 15 years of experience. After transitioning to a vegan lifestyle in 2013, she became extremely passionate about veganism and helping others transition to whole foods, plant-based diets. Now she is certified as a Main Street Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator. Darlene is also a five-time NPC nationally qualified bikini competitor and has competed in Spartan Races. Darlene's goal is to provide you with creative, effective, and long-lasting nutrition tips. Read her guest blogs on Vegan Meal Prep and Shopping Tips; follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; and check out her website!

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