What Do Protein Shakes Do?

what-do-protein-shakes-do For most of us, protein shakes are an integral part of our nutrition regimens. But exactly what do protein shakes do? We know they make us lean, mean beastly machines, but how do they produce these results?

What Do Protein Shakes Do?

€¢ Help You Gain Weight €¢ Help You Lose Weight €¢ Prevent Muscle Breakdown €¢ Provide Meal Replacement

Building & Losing Muscle

Working out without proper nutrition leads to the body producing glucose, which actually breaks down muscle protein over prolonged period of times. In order to ensure all of your ass-kicking efforts help you get big, drinking a protein shake after your workout will help your body recover the right way. Store a shake in your 6 Pack Bag meal management system and make sure you bulk up, not down.

Sugars & Protein

The key to understanding what do protein shakes do revolves around the types of compounds that prevent post-workout glucose loss. Instead of taking glucose from your freshly exercised body, pumping a protein shake into your system will allow your body to remain in an anabolic state due to the injection of sugar and protein.

Dieting & Protein Shakes

If you want to get jacked in the gym, you'll want to take in more calories than you burn during a workout. Don't underestimate/overestimate the amount of your calories you're receiving with each protein shake. The same can be said for those trying to lose weight. Make sure to account for any shakes you drink, as they can cause massive fluctuation in your dietary intake. So what do protein shakes do? When taken in conjunction with regular daily workouts and a diet plan supported by your 6 Pack Bag meal management system, protein shakes can help you achieve many of your fitness goals, from bulking up to trimming down.

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