Warm Up With Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear Proper winter fitness gear for your cold weather workout is the key to crushing your outdoor workout. It's a great time of the year to try a winter workout, but it can be frustrating trying to find the right gear. Help sidestep joint pain and prevent hypothermia by bundling up in some of our favorite suggestions for winter fitness gear.

Winter Fitness Gear: Tops

Under Armour is known for attention to detail in all their products. Their goal is to get athletes as comfortable as possible, allowing them to achieve maximum performance in any condition. The ColdGear® Amour Twist Crew has dual-layer fabric with ultra-warm interior and a fast drying exterior to help stay warm and keep you from overheating. Like the men's version, the women's ColdGear® Cozy Crew has a fast-drying exterior and a heat-trapping interior that'll keep you sweat-free and cozy. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Bottoms

Nike is a big name among performance gear, but their pants and leggings especially stick out in the winter fitness gear market. The men's Therma Sphere pants are lined with Therma-FIT 100% polyester, which offers warm insulation. They feature zippered hems which make it easy to slip on and off over shoes. The women's Thermal is made with Dri-FIT fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable. Its brushed interior keeps you warm and the stretch fabric makes it easy for you to move naturally during your workout. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Jackets

North Face is a great option to choose for quality outdoor sportswear. For the men, the Ampere Grid Full Zip is textured with fleece as well as durable, abrasion-resistant panels. The women's Dyvinity Jacket is stylish and functional. It features wind protection, stretches with your every movement, and has thumb-through cutouts for even more coverage. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Ear Warmers

For some people working-out without music is next to impossible. With 180s, you don't have to trade your workout tunes for earmuffs. Their ear warmers, in men's and women's styles, come in varieties that have headphones built in! These ear warmers are lined with soft fleece on the outer shells and inner liners, providing plenty of warmth so you can comfortably listen to your favorite music. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Gloves

Keep the entire world at your fingertips while you keep them warm. The Runners 2 Etip Gloves and Etip Gloves from North Face are the perfect addition to your winter fitness gear. The four-way-stretch fleece moves with you while keeping you warm, the Etip functionality means you can easily use touch-screen devices, and the silicone gripper palm coating ensures there is no need to worry about dropping them! Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Food Storage

Studies say that we are programed to feel hungrier during the winter months, so our bodies feel the need to stockpile more calories. The best way to prevent yourself from loading up on bad calories is to consistently use your Elite Originator 300. Load your meal prep in this bag to keep from feeling like you need to hibernate this winter. The hard-shell meal management shelving unit keeps 3 independently accessible meals fresh and ready for your healthy winter bulking. It's also a great storage container for your water bottles and has a top pocket where you can keep your keys and wallet in a safe, but easily accessible spot. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Drink Containers

The Cayman Fitness Bottle can keep hot liquid warm for 12 hours, but can also be used for cold liquids too. It's no leak design and 17oz double walled vacuum stainless steal is the perfect winter fitness gear item to add to your Christmas list. You can bring soup or hot chocolate to the ski slopes and know that you'll have the perfect temperature treat to keep you warm. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Fitness Gear: Warmers

Make sure your hands and feet stay warm and toasty with Grabber Warmers. Easily slid into your gloves or shoes, they pack 6 or more hours of heat for continuous warmth while you're hitting the slopes. Worried about keeping them in place? The foot and toe warmers come with adhesive on one side for just that reason. Winter Fitness Gear

Winter Weather Warm-Up

The best way to prepare your body for the cold is to start with a winter weather warm-up. By doing a warm-up before your outdoor workout, you'll help your blood start to flow, which will increase your body's temperature. Warming up can also help prevent injuries that may occur due to cold outdoor temperatures. Winter Fitness Gear Follow this simple winter weather warm-up to prepare yourself for a great cold weather workout:
1. Mountain Pose: Stand tall €€œ hips, knees, and feet in alignment, shoulders stacked over hips, spine lengthened. 2. Leg Lift: Inhale and lift both arms straight overhead as you raise your right leg, knee bend and thigh parallel to the floor. 3. Arrow Lunge: Exhale and step your raised leg back into a lunge. Hold your torso on a diagonal, your shoulders over your bent front knee. 4. Warrior III: Inhale, and extend your right leg back while lowering your torso forward. Keep both parallel to the floor. Exhale. 5. Leg Lifts: Inhale, and simultaneously bring your right leg back to a leg lift as you raise your torso to an upright stance. 6. Mountain Pose: Exhale, and then lower your leg down, return to Mountain Pose. Take a few slow breaths and repeat the entire cycle 10 times on each side.
This winter season, don't let cold temperatures get you down. Use winter fitness gear to stay on top of your workout and hold onto your summer gains with the perfect gym totes, gym backpacks, or sports duffle bags. Prevent cold weather binge eating by filling up your meal management bags with healthy alternatives this holiday! Check out all our guides on How to Meal Prep, as well as our collection of Meal Prep Sundays: Recipes!

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