The Best Workout For Resistance Bands


As someone who hits the gym every single day, you might be saying, "Resistance bands, schmistance shmands." However, just because these workout tools have been co-opted by mall walkers doesn't mean that they don't serve a purpose to you. It's all in how you use them! If you work with them like a delicate old person than your free weights will seem like the right option. Try out some of these killer resistance band exercises and see how you feel afterwards.

Lateral Raises

This is a simple resistance band exercise to start out with. Step on your band so that there is immediate tension when taking it into your hands. Start with them at your sides, move your arms so that they are parallel to the floor and be sure to keep them straight. If you bend your arms, you will not receive the total benefit of this workout and feel that proper burn.


One underrated aspect to resistance bands is that if there is no gym around, these tools can create an instant workout in any situation. Simply by having your bands in your 6 Pack Bags, you'll be ready to pump your guns at any time. For the row, sit down on the grown with your legs extended like you are at a cable row machine. Wrap your strap around your feet and pull back like you would in the gym.


Here is another easy exercise to perform, but it packs a punch for your quads. Stand on your bands and move into a squat position similar to any sort of weighted squat. Keep your hands at your shoulders and began to stand up, working against the resistance created at your feet. It may seem simple, but your packing a powerful punch to an area that can be forgot about when working outside of a gym environment.


Just like it sounds, this resistance band exercise focuses on replicating the movement of the typical free weight curl. Stand with your feet on your bands and hold the top half of the bands around your upright palm. Grip it, rip it and repeat over and over again.

Weighted Sit-Ups

Perfect for creating sculpted abs, you can use a decline bench for doing sit-ups with some extra resistance. Attach your bands to the base of the bench, hold the rings in your hands and perform your typical decline sit-up movement. Thanks to the bands, you'll have to put even more power into your basic sit-ups. In many ways, training with resistance bands can add new dimensions to your body's definition. Not only can you workout with them just about anywhere, but they offer a better range of motion than free weights and can help work areas not always hit in other exercises. Additionally, they increase your overall flexibility. All it takes is throwing two bands in your meal management bag and putting a little extra effort to get in a workout outside of the gym.

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