How to Beat a Workout Plateau

WorkoutPlateau Are you constantly pushing yourself at the gym, but not seeing any results? You've probably hit a workout plateau. 6 Pack Fitness is here to help you kick that plateau in the ass so that you can continue on your way to weightlifting, muscle-building glory. LET'S GO!

Workout Plateau Quick Hits

What it is: A period during a fitness program when additional muscle building doesn't occur. When it happens: Around two to three months into a fitness regimen. Why it happens: Your body has built-in defense mechanisms that protect you from the extra stress of your workout by adapting to training. WorkoutPlateau1

Workout Plateau Tip #1: Change Your Routine

How: Beat a workout plateau by replacing one exercise in a workout with a new exercise or switching the order of the exercises in a workout. When to change: Every four to six weeks. What this does: Changing your routine shocks your body and advances muscle growth.

Workout Plateau Tip #2: Change Your Workout Length

How: Restricting your workout session to one hour will help you beat a workout plateau. Reason for change: Muscle-building hormones peak at 30 minutes, then declines rapidly thereafter. What this does: This prevents catabolism (the breakdown of muscle) that occurs during prolonged periods of muscle training.

Workout Plateau Tip #3: Change Your Cardio Workouts

How: Limit cardio workouts to 20-30 minute sessions, three or four days a week. Reason for change: Long cardio sessions prohibit your body's ability to build muscle as well as reduce your body's testosterone production. What this does: It helps to advance muscle growth.

Workout Plateau Tip #4: Change Your Sleeping Habits

How: Make sure you sleep for seven to eight hours every night. Reason for change: Your energy levels for your workout sessions depend on the amount of sleep you get. What this does: Your body regenerates and repairs muscle tissue most efficiently when you're sleeping. It's never fun to hit a wall in your fitness routine. It's more fun to bust THROUGH walls. Taking care of your body with healthy habits in training, sleeping and diet with meal management system will help beat any workout plateau. Get your head up and keep pushing!  

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