Top Five Healthy Kitchen Appliances

kitchenappliances Packing delicious meals in your 6 Pack Bag starts with fresh ingredients and healthy kitchen appliances. Sometimes the cooking process eliminates the vital nutrients you need to power through your day or a workout. Even more often, conventional cooking will allow the wrong oils and fats to enter your diet. Try these five appliances to prepare meals and snacks that are both healthy and nutritious.

Mini Blender

Small, portion-sized blenders are the ultimate healthy kitchen appliance. Make a protein shake to fuel a workout or put together a healthy and nutrient-packed green smoothie. Many of these blenders come with lids and cups so you can blend your drink and throw it into your meal management system.


If you're looking for a natural way to preserve your food and keep all of the nutritional benefits, look no further than a dehydrator. Offering a simple way to create your own dried foods at home, dehydrators will help save on the cost of constantly purchasing dried food items at the store.


A microwave steamer is the perfect way to quickly cook your asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli, while gaining the protein you need to recover and build muscle. Additionally, by steaming your food, you're reducing your intake of oils and fats. You're only a few minutes away from a healthy and well-rounded meal to pack up into your meal management system.


Juicing fruits and vegetables has many health benefits, as you're body will be able to better absorb nutrients and fiber. The process of digesting fiber is taxing on the body and juicing makes this process easier. It's a great investment for those who need a way to add fruits and vegetables to their diet but are too busy to take the time to snack.

T-fal Actifry

Both useful and versatile, the T-fal Actifry is a healthy kitchen appliance that can replace any unhealthy fried food that remains in your diet. This unique fryer runs on only one or two tablespoons of oil, but provides the same crispy, crunchy effect as deep-frying. The Actifry is also good for one-pot meals like chili, risotto and pasta, which will prepare evenly and quickly due to the convection style of cooking. A cut body begins with the right foods. With these healthy kitchen appliances, you can preserve the flavors of your favorite foods and gain the extra edge you need. Don't settle for less or continue cooking in an unhealthy manner. Get right and take the power you harness from your healthy meals to the gym. You'll feel the boost when you're busting your ass on that last rep of the day. Photo Credit: Gilabrand

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