5 Benefits of Fresh Ginger That May Surprise You

Benefits-of-Fresh-Ginger-04 You probably know some of the benefits of fresh ginger, but turns out there are even more than you might have realized! While many people might opt for a cold ginger ale drink to soothe an aching stomach, you'll soon learn that the real solution lies in the fresh plant itself. While in the same family as turmeric and cardamom, this spice is anything but basic. Ginger has been used for decades as the ultimate medicine in traditional and alternative practices. Adopt this spicy pick me up into your home and you'll find that it can amp up your health in no time. In order to attain the pure benefits of fresh ginger, it's important to consume the rhizome (underground stem) of the ginger plant. This is the edible part of the root, filled with tons of health-boosting nutrients! Most people are familiar with some of the common uses of ginger, such as treating nausea. It is also reported to be quite effective against morning sickness in pregnancy. Ginger is also widely regarded as one of the top digestion remedies. But did you know about some of the other ways ginger can be advantageous to your health? Check out these 5 surprising benefits of fresh ginger.

1. Weight LossBenefits-of-Fresh-Ginger-03

Fresh ginger is a natural appetite suppressant. This nearly calorie-free root is a thermogenic food, which means that it will naturally raise the temperature of the body, in turn boosting your metabolism which causes you to burn fat! This is a safe alternative to diet pills, and will keep you ahead of the weight loss game. Tip: To kickstart your metabolism early in the day, boil a hot cup of water. Add ginger and lemon, then steep for 5 minutes. Drink before breakfast for best results!

2. Pain Reduction and Muscle Relief

Calling all athletes! After a tough workout, nobody wants to be burdened with sore muscles for the rest of the week. Ginger has been proven to ease the post-workout aches. It contains anti-inflammatory agents that reduce joint pains because it prevents blood vessels from becoming inflamed – increasing the flow of the blood to the body, which cures pain.

3. Blood Pressure Regulation

6-gingerol, the active compound in the ginger root, is a proven blood pressure regulator. Ginger can be used to support cardiovascular health. It is effective against hypertension and even lowers blood cholesterol. Ginger lowers the density of lipoproteins, which are components of cholesterol that contribute to heart disease. This superfood can be your heart's new best friend!

4. UV ProtectionBenefits-of-Fresh-Ginger-01

Packed with healing antioxidants, ginger has the capability to protect you against harmful ultraviolet light, too. One study performed at a university in Thailand tested a variety of herbal extracts; ginger (and turmeric, for the record) was found to absorb a powerful amount of ultraviolet rays well before they could cause damage to the skin. Next time you're having fun in the sun, slip some ginger into your morning juice or smoothie to protect yourself all day!

5. Brain Health

Last, but assuredly not least, ginger has even been proven to improve brain function by increasing memory and reducing brain oxidative stress. How? Studies have discovered that ginger root actually helps minimize monosodium glutamate (MSG) neurotoxicity in our brains. MSG is linked to Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, autism, and Attention Deficit Disorder, so to minimize this neurotoxicity is no small feat! With plenty of ways to incorporate the benefits of fresh ginger into your daily meals, all of which are easy to store in our original meal management bags, the options for upping your ginger intake are practically endless! Whether you're making a ginger-glazed salmon for dinner, or sipping on a kale ginger smoothie for breakfast – 6 Pack Fitness has the perfect solution for your meals on the go!

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