Love Is In The Air: Eat Well, Train Better, Have More Sex

Couples Image2 When February rolls around, we all start to have heart-shaped boxes and roses on the mind – whether you're for 'em, against 'em, or just don't care! No matter how you feel about Valentine's Day, it's a good time to reflect on the importance of nutrition and exercise to healthy relationships and satisfying sex lives. As such, we're presenting you with a round-up of all love-related articles we've featured on the 6 Pack blog, tackling everything from the importance of health to your sex life to how training with a partner can actually be better for you. Dive in below!

The Verdict Is In: Swolemates Are Good for Your Health

What could be steamier than a scantily clad, smokin' hot couple hitting the gym hard in sweat-tastic glory? It's a nice thought that couples who train together stay together, but how true is it, really? We've done the research and we're happy to report that couples who sweat together are, indeed, statistically more likely to remain swolemates for life! Find out more in this guest piece! Couples Header-02

Health and Sex: Getting Ripped AND Laid

Can working out really help you in the sack? Research suggests that the connection between health and sex is quite strong indeed. In this piece, learn how you can improve both your everyday health as well as your sex life by following three simple tips. Love Is In The Air

Valentine's Day Special: Chris and Maribel LaLanne Talk Couples' Fitness

In this previous Valentine's Day feature, we spoke with Chris and Maribel LaLanne, owners of San Francisco's LaLanne Fitness CrossFit, to talk couples' fitness and how their relationship is connected to the family business – which launched in 2008 and has grown from just a few dozen members in a small facility to one of San Francisco's largest CrossFit clubs with nearly 400 members and ten coaches. LaLanne-Six-Pack-Fitness-couples-fitness

Date Night Dinner Dishes: Sweet & Savory

Does a healthy and romantic date night dinner sound like the perfect way to treat your swolemate? With our tips, you can indulge your special someone without compromising the important nutritional goals you both have. Prepare the menu ahead of time, store it in one of your meal management bags, and surprise your date at their house – or with a picnic if weather permits – with a deliciously nutritious date night dinner! Date Night Dinner-02

Transformative Love

Need more more proof of the power of love? Find some inspiration with Transformations Stories that include the transformative partner's better half!

Katie Martin & Jordan Armentrout

Katie and Jordan have the unique honor of being the only couple to have their own individual features in our Transformations Series. Jordan felt he was too thin; sick of being called "the skinny kid," he completely overhauled his lifestyle and began participating in bodybuilding competitions. His girlfriend, Katie, was comfortable with training here and there, but didn't pay attention to what she was eating – until Jordan helped her realize the importance, and completely overhauled both her diet and workout plan. Both acknowledge that neither could have done it quite so well without each other's unwavering encouragement and support. Fitness Transformation Katie Jordan-02

Sophie Nix

Sophie Nix, a 25-year-old hairstylist from South Carolina, knew she needed to change her life – which included having to learn how to manage an anxiety disorder that had gone undiagnosed for far too long – and didn't give up no matter how long it took to start noticing a difference. When she did begin to notice, the changes were more appreciable than she could have ever imagined! How does her husband fit into the picture? Besides, of course, being important to her and a source of motivation by that alone, he also happens to have built her favorite place to work out: a home gym in their garage! Sophie Garage

Jesse Roder

Jesse Roder is a father of two, working as a paramedic/firefighter in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His transformation began several years ago, when he started to really notice how his excess weight was making it harder for him to move around, and causing him to become easily winded – an especially worrisome warning sign for Jesse, as heart attacks are the leading cause of death for firefighters. With his wife and two kids in mind, Jesse began working hard to develop a healthier, more active lifestyle. In only six months, Jesse lost 70 pounds – and could even fit his wife in his old pair of pants with him! fitness transformation-011

Bonus: 3 Healthy Aphrodisiac Foods

1. Honey – The stickiest way to sweeten your food, honey contains boron, which helps the body metabolize estrogen, as well as may potentially enhance testosterone levels in the blood, too! 2. Bananas – Phallic shape aside, bananas contain B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, chelating minerals, and the bromeliad enzyme, the latter of which is said to enhance male libido. 3. Garlic – Not for the faint of heart, but if you can both stomach it, it turns out garlic is loaded with allicin, which can increase blood flow!
In the end, it's basically a fact: the couple that trains together, stays together! Be each other's loudest cheerleader – especially in the kitchen, where bodies are really made, which is why your meal management bags are so important! When you always encourage each other to push forward in pursuit of becoming the best versions of yourselves that you can be, your bond and love for one another will deepen in the most genuine way possible – and you will have better, hotter sex. It's just true. Lovers, what are you waiting for? Head to the gym – and then hit the sack!

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