4 Best Fitness Apps For Fitness Freaks

best fitness apps-02The digital revolution has major benefits for bodybuilders and fitness gurus alike, in the form of an insane amount of apps! You can track everything, from all the stats on your daily routine to the nutritional information of everything inside your meal management system. But not all apps are created equal, so we've highlighted four of the best that we could find. Let us know in the comments if we left any of your favorites out!


best fitness apps-03 Cool Features:
  • This app is designed like a game, so the workout tracker lets you earn points, level, and complete quests.
  • The ability to track your whole workout on one screen.
  • Over 800 bodybuilding, cardio, weight training, and bodyweight exercises.

Why You Need It:

Fitocracy has been described as being like Facebook, but for those addicted to fitness. The access to a virtual bodybuilding and Crossfit community is what truly sets this apart as one of the best fitness apps. Whatever you're looking to do, you can find someone that's done it before. By meeting other like-minded people, motivation and empowerment is as easy as a tap on a screen.

Where You Can Get It: Google Play & iTunes

Cost: Completely free!

Strength Calc Natty Edition

best fitness apps-04 Cool Features:
  • You know this app is for builders because lift numbers are prepopulated.
  • A Wilks calculator to show you how strong you are for your body weight.
  • The ability to track your overall strength progress as well as specific moves.

Why You Need It:

The adjustable rest internal timer and access to a bunch of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and powerbuilding routines based on your numbers are pretty awesome, sure, but the TDEE/BMR calculator is what's really cool. It shows you how much energy your body is using, so you can cut, bulk, and maintain effectively.

Where You Can Get It: Google Play

Cost: Free, but you can get the Juiced Edition for only .99!

Fitness Buddy

best fitness apps-05 Cool Features:
  • The ability to browse exercises targeted by muscle or muscle group.
  • The option for replanned workouts, but the ability to build your own too.
  • Built-in music player for all your most energizing playlists.
  • Over 300 exercises, with detailed descriptions and animations.

Why You Need It:

Super highly rated by Gizmodo, ESPN, and Lifehacker, this app is like a miniature, digital personal trainer. It's staggering how comprehensive Fitness Buddy is, easily earning its spot as one of the best fitness apps.

Where You Can Get It: Google Play & iTunes

Cost: Free, but the paid version ($1.99) grants you over 1700+ exercises, videos, and body metrics tracking, among other things.

My Fitness Pal

best fitness apps-06 Cool Features:
  • The largest food database, with over 2 million foods and daily growth.
  • Syncs to the web, so you can update your meal management system stats from your computer as well.
  • The ability to scan bar codes for instant info!
  • Recipe calculator, with frequently used foods remembered for easy access.

Why You Need It:

Not only is My Fitness Pal the best calorie counter to track your meal management system to full effect, but the fitness component is fully fleshed out as well. This includes over 350 exercises, the ability to track cardio and strength training, a social aspect to connect with other fitness buffs, customized goals derived from your diet profile, and reports to track weight, measurements, progress, and nutrition. Phew!

Where You Can Get It: Google Play & iTunes

Cost: Completely free!

From keeping close tabs on your progress to syncing up with like-minded bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, and anyone else looking to train hard and eat healthy with a meal management system, you can find what you need among these apps. They are all available in free versions, and they make it super easy to maintain your fitness routines and unlock your body's potential.

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