Top 10 Powerfoods For Men


Guys, it's time to talk about what powerfoods work best for you. Even the smallest changes in a diet can have drastic consequences down the road, so it's important to pick and chose every item in your meal management system carefully. To help bring out the absolute best in your workout, here is a list of the top powerfoods the male body needs.


Starting off this list, these little shellfish entrees are a highly concentrated source of protein your muscles need to grow. A meal of steamed scallops, about 4 oz, will also completely fill your daily vitamin B12 needs, a vitamin crucial to keeping your heart healthy. Scallops area also good sources of magnesium and potassium, which help your improve blood flow and maintain normal blood pressure levels respectively. Check out our blog here for tips on how to make tasty fresh scallop fajitas!


Black Beans

Many items in the bean family are known for being a good source of fiber, but black beans have earned their place on the list of powerfoods for their other benefits. A cup of beans sprinkled into a salad will help your body fulfill its daily protein and iron needs, helping your body build muscle and improve oxygen flow. The antioxidant capabilities of these little legumes shouldn't be ignored either, as they'll help a guy's body stay healthier for years down the line.


Here to represent dark leafy greens, kale is a highly concentrated source of the male body's daily vitamin requirements. Just half a cup of these chopped greens tossed in a salad will almost fill the male body's daily Vitamin A and C requirements, and completely blow Vitamin K right out of the water. Vitamin K is one of those great powerhouse vitamins that helps with maintaining bone health, blood clotting, and even fighting cancer!


Time to get some old fashioned red meat on the menu. Bison meat has all the same nutritional benefits of its cow cousin, but has only a fraction of the fat. For example: a 3.5 oz serving of select beef will have 283 calories, while bison has only 143. Bison makes a great centerpiece for dinner, and is perfect for garnishing with kale, and perhaps a side of black beans. In terms of cooking, though, you can treat bison just like any other steak. Check out some of the healthy recipes here for some cooking inspiration.


This one's a bit on the sugary side, so think of it as the desert for your meal management system, rather than the staple. Just one of these will get you 25% of your daily vitamin B6 needs, while still giving you a good supply of potassium and vitamin C as well. B6 is one of the more overlooked vitamins out there, the lack of which can result in fatigue. Don't forget to add one of these to your powerfoods list to keep your energy levels high.


Some tomato tossed in your salad will bring with it a laundry list of vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Slice up a cup of these red veggies and add them to your favorite salad for a fitness friendly boost. Most importantly, tomatoes have been found to have powerful antioxidants that help counter prostate cancer.


Hard, crunchy, and full of dietary fiber and protein, almonds are another great addition to the powerfoods list. Just half a cup of these will provide your muscles with about 12 grams of protein, while almost filling your body's vitamin E requirement to help keep your heart going strong. Avoid the salted variety to keep your sodium intake controlled.


Pronounced "Keen – wah," these little seeds are jam packed with heart healthy nutrients like manganese. Just ¾ of a cup will fill up half of the male body's daily manganese requirements, while also being a good source of fiber and protein. Boil a cup of quinoa and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, and you'll have yourself a fluffy, filling powerfood that will keep your heart pumping for years to come.


Another main meal item for the powerfoods list, your body will thank you for adding some salmon to your diet. A nice broiled salmon will fill you up with about 50% of recommended omega 3 fatty acid intake and a solid 40 grams of protein, just what every man looking to add muscle needs. As an added bonus, while all fish are good sources of omega 3s, salmon is regarded as one of the safest species to eat thanks to it being so low on the fish food chain. For some of the tastiest, and healthiest, salmon recipes around, check out this link.

PowerfoodsWhole Grains

Whole grains in any form will do well to round out any meal, but it's best enjoyed as rice. This makes it perfect for combining with the other powerfoods here, and will make it much easier to control how much you eat. As a good source of fiber, whole grains will let your body make the most out of every meal. Take a look at your own meal management system and see if it could be improved by some of the powerfoods listed here. The human body is a complex machine, with men and women requiring different balances of nutrients to reach their peak performance. Make sure the food going into you is helping you get the best results!

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