6PF Affiliate Athlete Profile: Louis Adimando

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In our brand new blog series, 6 Pack Fitness will be introducing our team of Affiliate Athletes to the world. Stay tuned for more blogs and meet our first featured Affiliate Athlete, Louis Adimando. 6PF Affiliate Athlete Louis Adimando knows all about the meaning of hustle. The 28-year-old New Yorker hits the gym hard when he isn't working for JP Morgan Chase or out on the links. As an avid golfer since 14, Louis has created a mindset for himself that it's important to grow, both physically and mentally, each and every day. "I try to hold nothing back and leave it all on the table," Louis says of applying his mantra to all aspects of life. "I try to tell myself that if you live in the present and give 100% of your being to any task, you will live the fullest life possible." 6 Pack Fitness recently sat down with Louis and talked about his gym regimen and how he eats healthy with our meal management systems. Keep reading to find out how Louis kills in and out of the gym and the motivation behind his efforts.

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?

I think in general I have always been interested in fitness with stints in and out of the gym. Most recently, I was pushed back into the gym last summer when I was at a country club pool with a few of my fiancés friends. I was so ashamed to take my shirt off that I knew it was time to take my body seriously and get into the best shape possible. Since September 2013 I've been pursuing that goal and do not foresee stopping.

What's your current split like?

I am currently in a 5/6 day split depending on how I feel but as follows: M - Chest T - Arms W - Legs Th - Shoulders Fri - Back Sat - Touch up or rest Sun - Rest

What fitness goals are you working towards in 2014?

I would like to hit my weight and BF goals before my wedding in October. After the honeymoon, I plan to pick a show date and start training towards my first physique show.

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What got you interested in eating healthy in the first place?

I have always been interested in eating healthy, thanks to my mother who is a dietician. She always instilled good eating habits in me from when I was a child so I have always enjoyed healthy eating even though there have been times where my eating was not so "clean."

What's your meal prep process like?

I prep my meals each night. While many people propose prepping meals on Sunday for the next week, I am currently in a place in my life where I can comfortably prep meals each night and be fine.

What is your current diet like?

Right now I am in a deficit diet as I am trying to get down to 6-8% bf from a high of 26.4%. Example: Breakfast: 10oz egg whites 16oz oatmeal Lunch: 9oz chicken breast 2cups organic brown rice/quinoa blend 2cups organic mixed vegetables Snack: Almonds Dinner: 4-6oz chicken/steak/fish 1cup brown rice 1cup choice organic vegetable Snack before bed: Low fat cottage cheese

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How did you first hear about and get your first 6 Pack Bag?

I received my first 6-Pack bag as a Christmas gift from my fiancé. She heard me talking about it one day and knew I needed one to stick to my goals.

What kind of things do you routinely pack in your meal management system?

Other than the daily meal you see above, I pack my supplements, gym outfit and my Amazon Paperwhite; all of my essentials for the day.

How has your 6 Pack Bag made a difference in your daily life?

It makes my life so easy. I know my food is prepped so it relieves the stress of having food around and also makes transporting all of my essentials extremely simple.

Have you traveled much with your 6 Pack Bag? If so, tell us what its been like?

Traveling with this bag is a cinch. I never have to worry about my next meal or having enough room for any essential, which expands when you are traveling as compared with day-to-day use.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting on his or her own fitness journey?

Stay focused and know that this journey is a marathon not a sprint. Give it at least 4 months before you worry about seeing any real change yourself even though around the two-month mark others may start noticing your transformation.  

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