The Five Best Calf Exercises

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Though workouts that target the whole body are helpful for getting you into great shape, there are always areas that need more focus. For many people, that's the lower body. How do you kick the small calve blues? Pump them up by hitting the gym everyday, cranking out some of the best calf exercises and eating protein packed meals from your meal management system. Let's go get some bigger calves!

Double Calf Raise

The best calf exercises (or any workout for that matter), are typically the tried and true classics. There is a reason people have been doing double calf raises for as long as they have. They get results. With a set of weights in your hands, press down on the balls of your feet and use your lower body strength to propel your body upwards. Repeat 25 times and do three sets while increasing the weight as you progress.

Seated Calf Raise

A variation of the double calf raise, this can be done seated and it usually utilizes a machine. By using the resistance delivered by the workout equipment, you'll be able to easily strengthen and tone your calves over time. Pair this with a heavy focus on what you put into your meal management system and pack more than 56 grams of protein each day. 56 grams is the required amount of protein for a normal adult male, but since you are constantly in the gym you will need more.

Uphill Climb

Whether it's from a setting on the treadmill or a hike through nature, uphill climbs are one of the best calf exercises. The upward movement targets your calves, stretches them out and offers the perfect workout for long, lean muscles in your legs. What's the best part of an uphill climb? You can apply it anywhere so you don't get bored of the same scenery over and over.

Box Jumps

This is a simple workout that can tone and build calf muscles. Simply jump on and off a secured box surface while maintaining the same position. More trained athletes can bring weights into the mix, but if you're just getting started, it's best to keep it simple. As you advance, you can set up muiltiple boxes in a row and jump from to box to box to gain explosive power and killer calves.

Dumbbell Jump Squat

Looking to tone up and get your heart rate going at the same time? The dumbbell jump squat is one of the best calf exercises for getting a little sweaty and building up muscular legs. Dip your knees, leap, and return to the starting position, over and over again, while making sure that you continuously up your weight level as you progress over the course of a few months. Make sure you intensify training by increasing frequency of workouts and pushing yourself. Also, transitioning this group of the best calf exercises from week to week helps deter your body from routine, making it simpler to achieve results. The final step in building muscle and getting a killer lower body is to remember to have protein-packed meals on hand in your meal management system.  

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