The Best Workout Shoes For Men

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Your workout is only as good as the effort you put into it. Keeping up with your diet by using your meal management system, scheduling workouts and pushing yourself are all vital to achieving a healthy lifestyle. There is something else just as important as all of these factors and that is what you wear to the gym. Different workouts require different shoes, and while we talked about the ladies in our previous blog, here is how to decipher which are the best workout shoes for men.

Running Shoes

As men often have more weight on their frame, there is a need for comfortable running shoes that are designed specific to the surface they are running on. Hitting the woods for a nature run? The best workout shoes for men that love heading to the park for a fun run are trail shoes with heavy duty bottoms. Allowing you to run on nearly any type of dirt, mud or coke, these shoes can take a beating. What about if you're hitting an imperfect street top or gym track? A pair of road shoes that are light and flexible will make for an easy going run.

CrossFit Shoes

When it comes to CrossFit, the best workout shoes for men will have a sole that helps with multiple dimensions of your workout. For running, you need something that is light, whereas for weightlifting you'll want something with a wide sole for balance. While there may not have been much too choose from historically, the CrossFit boom has blown the shoe world up with hundreds of pairs of kicks that can help you train better. Many new pairs of shoes offer support at the ball of the foot for better starts from the line and now come with grip areas on the side that will help with rope climbing.

Weightlifting Shoes

Moving from small time weightlifting to become a professional bodybuilder is a monumental step. It not only takes dedication of the mind, but making the right moves to set yourself up for success. What's the first step? It's time to buy a pair of weightlifting shoes! Usually made with about a one inch heel, weightlifting shoes are meant to provide consistent stability that allows your powerful movements. Throw in the straps that most weightlifting footwear offer across the top of the shoe and you'll be able to power through moves with outstanding ability. Having the right workout gear (like a pair of the best workout shoes for men), will truly help you reach your fitness goals. They will allow you to run more comfortably, push harder and give you a stronger base for lifting. So whether you're looking for more stability, a better fit or something to motivate you to continue killing it in the gym, look for shoes that are tailored to your workout experience.

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