How To Control Your Cholesterol Levels

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If you're trying to figure out how to control your cholesterol levels, then you've already taken the first step of bettering your body. It's important to recognize just how much high cholesterol can affect your system. Even if you haven't had issues with heart disease or strokes yet, there is no time better than the present to take charge and maintain your health. Check out these tips on how to control your cholesterol levels, so you don't wind up weighed down by the ravaging effects of body issues.

General Tips on Controlling Your Cholesterol Levels

  • There are natural ways of keeping your cholesterol levels low. Try supplements like fish oil, blonde psyllium, flaxseed and garlic extract to help balance your system out.
  • Talk to your doctor about your body and find out your current cholesterol levels. The doctor can assess the facts and offer a tailored solution for your body.
  • Quit smoking! Cigarettes lower the levels of good cholesterol that the body requires and makes the heart more susceptible to hurtful diseases.
  • Drinking one or two alcoholic drinks a day can actually help raise the levels of good cholesterol in your body. Remember, drink only in moderation, especially if you're trying to build a stellar body.

Exercising To Control Your Cholesterol Levels

Exercise doesn't directly lower cholesterol - it's actually the weight-loss that results from working out that eradicates high cholesterol. Most experts recommend exercising moderately/intensely for 30 minutes every single day in order to lower cholesterol. Activities like jogging, running or biking are perfect for getting the body moving and sweat flowing. Plain and simple... The more you exercise, the more bad cholesterol leaves your system.

Eating To Control Your Cholesterol Levels

With a meal management system and a nutritional plan in your hand, succeeding at keeping control of your cholesterol levels can be fairly easy. High cholesterol primarily comes from the food you eat. If you're eating crappy burgers and junk food all day, you're probably not living a very fulfilling life. Eating foods that have a ton of fat makes your body pump out way more cholesterol than your body needs. It then builds up and blocks blood flow, which is how strokes and heart attacks can occur. When planning your diet, avoid foods that are low in both trans and saturated fat. Instead, focus on eating foods with polyunsaturated fat like olive oil, walnuts, sunflowers seeds and salmon. It's also important to start lowering your red meat consumption as it's one of the largest producers of saturated fat. Work to eat a diet built on healthy staples like free range chicken and fish, both of which have Omega-3 fatty acids and can lower the risk of heart disease. As always, fresh fruits and veggies are a great way to keep your cholesterol levels under control and leave your body feeling good. It's important to learn how to control your cholesterol levels, so that you can avoid expensive medications, constant doctor appointments and the potentially dangerous side effects. By just following some simple life rules like working out, eating right and quitting smoking, you can take positive steps towards a healthier body and mind.

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