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Workout routines can often feel dull and repetitive, so listening to some of the best fitness podcasts around can help change it up. After all, motivation is key to maintaining a hard ass workout schedule. Not only will these podcasts act as motivators, they will amp up your current routine and help you achieve the best results for a sick, fit body.


The GetFit podcast is there to help when your workout gets boring. No matter what type of exercise you enjoy, this podcast covers high intensity interval training, endurance workouts, and GetFit's own brand of "Walk it Off" workouts. The diversity of these workouts makes this the perfect podcast for fitness junkies who love to switch it up.

TopFitnessPodcasts2Strength Coach

Need something a little more advanced? The Strength Coach is the official podcast of fitness guru Michael Boyle and he doesn't take baby steps when it comes to workouts. Not for newbies, this podcast was designed for advanced gym goers and is packed to the gills with intense workout info.


An entire podcast dedicated to providing yoga routines is perfect for yoga enthusiasts on-the-go. Uploaded weekly, YOGAmazing provides routines, mini-movies, interviews, health and wellness information, and a meditation guide. This podcast also includes yoga sessions that targeted to specific needs such as weight loss or energy flow.

TopFitnessPodcastsThe Jillian Michaels Show

You've watched The Biggest Loser before. Head trainer Jillian Michaels is a ballbuster who could motivate a whale on dry land to move. On her podcast, The Jillian Michaels Show, Jillian's intense-yet-inspiring delivery offers up tips on personal training information, motivation and tons of tough love attitude that will get you results.

TopFitnessPodcasts4Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield's podcast offers a perfectly balanced approach to fitness. The cherry on top is that he holds a Master's Degree in health and nutrition, so he really can explain the importance of packing a meal management system. With information on weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance and wellness, this podcast will help you reach your goal - the perfect body. Long gone are the days where you have to sort through workout books and magazines to find new exercises. With podcasts and smart phone at our fingertips, personal training tips and wellness information from professional fitness freaks is never far away. Stay fit and stay informed to keep destroying your fitness goals.

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