Exercises With Kids: 6 Simple Ones You Can Do At Home

Exercises-With-Kids-02 It's official: summer is over. Now get over it. Cooler days and a little rain isn't an excuse for parents – or kids – to plop on the couch and completely veg out in blanket cocoons. Get up, get moving, and plan exercises with kids to do indoors. Grab the mobile devices and video games away from the kids, turn off the television, and clear the room. Yes, they will throw a fit. Expect death stares, but do not give in. Devices and screens are the enemy. Today's e-centric kids spend around seven hours a day glaring at a screen, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, about 12.7 million children between the ages of two and 19 are obese. Slay the dragons of technology and pluck the little ninjas off the couch, because parents who plan out exercises with kids are parents who raise active and healthy children. Get ready for the family battle of Ultimate Ninja Warrior, because the competition will get crazy. And, oh yeah, kids will have a blast not realizing that they're actually exercising. Go forth and plan a day of exercises with kids, and unleash the littlest ninjas in training to see who will become the Ultimate Ninja Warrior of the household.

1. Create a crazy obstacle course.

For round one of the competition, build an indoor obstacle course out of the fluffiest, fuzziest, and comfiest items in the house. Use piles of pillows, stacks of cushions, blankets, stuffed animals, and even swim noodles to create a crazy, zany but challenging obstacle course. Find a room in the house that offers a large clear area for kids to climb, crawl, and hurl themselves over obstacles. Think unique and create exercises with kids by using their design inspiration.

2. Dance off.

Oh, ninjas can dance. Especially little ninjas with lots of energy. The challenge: who can dance the longest! The best workout music for kids is anything that gets them moving, like the "Cha Cha Slide." For a little retro dance twist for October, do the "Monster Mash." Whether the dial is turned up to Top 40, New Wave, Rap or Country, get up and move€¦ and parents absolutely have to lead dance exercises with kids! Now get up and dance! Leave the excuses for later. Exercises-With-Kids-01

3. Hula hoop hopscotch.

This is hopscotch with a twist€¦or, rather, a twisting hula hoop! Create an indoor hopscotch board using poster board or just numbered pieces of construction paper set or taped to the floor. Instead of jumping normally, each player has to keep the hula hoop in motion while moving on the hopscotch board. The hoop can be rotated on the waist or arms,but the hoop must stay in motion at all times. This is one of the hardest exercises with kids that parents will ever attempt! Let's see who comes out as the champion of this particular round: parents or kids?

4. Simon Says...get moving!

The 'Simon Says' round of the competition might sound simple, but this is one of the exercises with kids that can easily go from simple to incredibly crazy. Make the game about healthy habits and turn the directions into a workout routine. Have competitors touch their toes, run in place, jump like a kangaroo, walk like an astronaut in space, hop on one foot while patting their head...come up with challenging instructions to move the body!

5. Red light, green light.

While most kids are used to playing red light/green light outside with lots of open space, this part of Ultimate Ninja Warrior can be played inside for a unique workout. The only requirement is open space, and a basement is ideal for indoor red light/green light. Make ninjas-in-training challenge their bodies as they obey the light colors. This isn't about running or walking, it's about crab walking, somersaulting, crawling and rolling. Mark a finish line for players and have a parent call out the light colors. Kids will have a blast moving and competing.

6. Zen and the Art of Yoga Maintenance.

Give the ninja warriors a zen experience at the finish line of the competition. Introduce kids to yoga through instructional online videos and create a unique yoga routine that incorporates basic yoga positions like the Easy Boat Pose and the stretch-to-the-sky Mountain Pose. End any tough competition with a quiet moment of meditation Creating challenging exercises with kids inspires them to stay fit and be healthy. Boycott the couch Olympics by taking time spent indoors as an opportunity to motivate kids to find creative ways to get up, move and stay healthy. Now go channel your inner ninja and get moving! Cassie-Brewer-02 This guest post has been brought to us by Cassie Brewer, freelance journalist/writer, professional makeup artist, and health and wellness blogger living in Southern California. You can check out more of her work on her website and Twitter!

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