6 Pack Gym Bags For Women: Fashion Meets Function

gym bags for women-02When it comes to gym bags for women, you shouldn't have to sacrifice style in order to be practical. Now you don't have to. Whether you travel the country for bodybuilding tournaments or are simply dedicated to maintaining the best body you can, you need a good gym tote for your meal management system. Go with our gear, and the bag at your side will look almost as good as you do.

gym bags for women-03The Victoria Elite Tote

If you're a professional, this one's the gym tote for you. The meal management system allows up to 4 meals while also giving plenty of room for all your tech goods, like your laptop and other accessories. With pockets to keep everything organized, the Victoria Elite helps you stay on top of your busy life so your fitness never falters.

gym bags for women-04The Vixen Elite Bowler

Offering a similar feel as the Victoria but in the style of a bowler, the Vixen Elite is sure to keep anyone at the top of their game. You can keep 2 meals on deck with this bag, which also comes with 2 Sure Seal Containers, 1 Sports Nutrition Compact, and 2 Small Gel Packs. You can keep your health and your life organized with the Vixen Elite.

The Renee Tote

gym bags for women-05 As far as gym bags for women go, this one's killer. With a large compartment for your laptop and the ability to hold 4 meals, this gym tote also comes with all the containers you need for your meal management system. The Renee Tote is so sleek, it just might become your full-time bag.

Plyo Sling

gym bags for women-07 The Plyo Sling is a great choice when considering gym bags for women. Its smaller size makes it the perfect traveling companion for your weekend getaways. Stay in shape by keeping your meal management system fully stocked; the Plyo can hold 2 meals and comes with all the containers you need as well.

gym bags for women-06Camille Tote

Sometimes you want to add a little color to your gym life. We get it. That's why our Prodigy collection offers some bright and bold choices for gym bags for women. The Camille Tote, which comes with 4 Snap Lid Containers, 1 Sports Nutrition Compact, and 2 Small Gel Packs, can hold 4 meals. You can keep your life just as organized too, with the separate compartment for your laptop and additional pockets.

gym bags for women-08Fox Bowler

This gym tote combines the chic style of the Vixen Elite with the bright colors of the Camille Tote to create gym bags for women that stand out. A bag like this is ideal for any quick trip you might take, like one to the gym on your lunch break. The Fox Bowler can hold 2 meals, and comes with 2 Snap Lid Containers, 2 Small Gel Packs, and a Sports Nutrition Compact. Part of being fit is all about staying in touch with yourself mentally and physically. A clean and healthy body is not only an awesome goal to strive towards, but being physically healthy helps you stay mentally organized too. Nobody said you couldn't be fit without staying fashionable, though. At 6 Pack, we totally get this, which is why we have several gym bags for women that are as stylish as they are practical and convenient. Your journey to the fittest body of your life can look just as good as it feels.

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