8 People You See At Every Gym, Ever

People you see at every gymFew settings bring out more diverse people than your local gym, health club, or fitness center. We've all witnessed at least one of these odd characters in our gym visits-some encounters can even be strange enough to make you stare in disbelief. Let's break a few of 'em down, .gif-style.

The "Leg Day" Guy

The While you've never actually seen this guy squatting, you've certainly heard about how sore his legs are the day after his "workout". It's just a weird coincidence that he only works on legs during your off day.

The Newbie

The Newbie We all have to start somewhere, but some people can spend their whole life going to the gym and still be The Newbie. Rather than ask for help, these individuals seem to prefer being locked in an eternal battle with the equipment.

The Slob

The Slob The Slob doesn't take time to re-rack their weights properly or wipe off the machines after they're done using them, leaving a dangerous combination of tripping hazards and filth in their wake. Know a gym slob? Help them clean up their act and get organized with a gym backpack.

The Justifier

The Justifier The Justifier believes that putting in an hour at the gym entitles them to devour anything and everything they can get their hands on. After all, working out provides you with a free pass to eat whatever you want, right?

The Mirror Magnet

The Mirror Magnet There's more to going to the gym than being really, really, ridiculously good looking, but The Mirror Magnet has yet to figure that out. This personality spends more time admiring their physique in the mirror than on their sets.

The Showoff

The Showoff While their creative approach to workouts can be entertaining, this person isn't satisfied with using the equipment as it was intended. This can be both distracting and annoying to those who are focused on completing their sets.

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly We've all seen people at the gym shooting off the occasional text or listening to their favorite pump-up music-but that generally doesn't interfere with your normal workout experience. The social butterfly, however, is a gym personality that's more focused on making sure the entire gym is aware of their weekend plans rather than their actual workout.

The Selfie King/Queen

The Selfie King/Queen The Selfie King/Queen believes that your workout is only worth the number of likes you get on Instagram. Forgot to post that you're at the gym? Your entire workout is worthless. If you go to your local gym as often as we do, and we suspect that you do, you've definitely run into one or more of the eight people you will see at every gym. Sometimes you might even be one of those people, and that's okay too. Whether The Showoff making their expertise a little too well known or The Selfie Queen taking pictures left and right, we've all been there every now and then. But as long as you keep your focus and stay organized with your meal management system in your gym tote, you'll make the most of your gym experience every time, regardless of the spectacles that may be taking place around you!

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