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health-technology-Header2 Technology does many amazing things in our life-keeps us connected to loved ones, provides us with a platform to share our opinions, and helps us stay on track with health and fitness goals. The saying "there's an app for that," is true when it comes to health and fitness; there's no shortage of digital tools at your disposal, all of which make it easier to stick with your goals. Consider the many ways you can use technology to stay on track, whether you need to track macros or get motivated for a tough workout. Here are a few of our favorite fit-tech ideas to help you reach your goals. Food Tracking Apps Tracking your food is essential if you're new to a specific style of eating, or have a hard time holding yourself accountable. This is especially true if you're following a specifc macro diet; are you really going to remember how much protein you had for breakfast, snack #1 and lunch by the time you get to dinner? Take the guesswork out and stick to your meal plan with one of the two most popular food-tracking apps, MyFitnessPal and Lose It. — MyFitnessPal is compatible with Android and iOS devices and has a built-in food database so you can look up and log nutrition info on foods you make as well as menus for some popular restaurants. You can sync the app with a FitBit or popular running apps like Edmondo and even upload your own recipes, making it easier to log the unique meals you make every day. — Lose It syncs with your iOS or Android device. It has much of the same functionality as MyFitnessPal but you can input your food by taking a photo as well-which can be more convenient. Both apps give you a snapshot view of your food intake, calories and nutrients. You can also upgrade to premium versions for high-level features. If you're not a fan of either app, check out my run-down of great food-tracking apps. Fitness Trackers + App Wearable fitness trackers are extremely popular and for good reason. These devices track stats like steps taken, calories burned, heart rate at rest and during activity, and daily hydration levels. You can then use your tracker to follow daily efforts and progress over time-allowing you to make changes that will help you stay on track and meet your goals. Most trackers also connect with their app on your phone, as well, so you can set aside time each week to read through the dashboard and update yourself on successes, set backs and ways you can modify your training in the future. Thanks to the popularity of fitness trackers, also called wearbales, there are dozens of options available. If you don't already own one, you may be overwhelmed by the range of choices, including FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, Polar and more. Start your research with this 2016 Wearables Pricing Analysis, which breaks down costs and features for all the name brands. For example, see the pricing breakdown below: Health-Tech-Image02 Weight-Loss Betting Apps If you have a hard time holding yourself accountable, and simply tracking progress with an app isn't enough, it's time to put something valuable on the line: your money. Betting apps, like Pact App, Diet Bet and Wellcoin connect your goals with a financial commitment-you either win money or lose, it's that simple. These apps differ slighly from one to the next. For example, Wellcoin awards you with "wellcoins" for every little activity you do; as their website explains: "Earn wellcoins for all your healthy choices, big and small." Examples include: getting 7 hours of sleep, drinking a healthy beverage, or doing something fun that's also active. Wellcoins can then be spent on various rewards, like healthy food and workout gear. Other apps will happily take your money if you can't stay on track. DietBet is one of those apps, and has already paid out more than $39 million to winners-which means the collective group of users has also lost their piece of the $39 million somewhere along the line. Sign up for the betting app that keeps you motivated and watch your goals slowly get closer and closer. Stay on Track, Feel Great Test drive these fitness tools and pick your favorites. Pair them with a meal management bag and you're much more likely to succeed when you can see tangible data and put a little money on the line. No matter your goals, you can find the technology to help you stay on track and see real, sustainble results. BIO: Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than ten years and is currently a full-time blogger. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition specialist, and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Honest Body Fitness. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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