How to Meal Prep: If You're Gluten-Free

Chandice Gluten Free Header2 Learn how to meal prep gluten-free with Chandice Probst, personality behind the popular blog, TV contributor, and co-author of Gluten-Free on a Budget. Whether you live gluten-free due to a celiac diagnosis like myself or you have a wheat allergy or gluten sensitivity, learning how to meal prep can be very helpful. So many people go right to gluten-free versions of their favorite junk foods after being told they must live gluten-free. This can wreak havoc on the body as well as the digestive tract. It is especially important after a celiac diagnosis to heal your gut and eating nutrient dense foods can do this. In addition to living gluten-free, I also feel very strongly about eating organic foods, especially dairy and grass-fed meats when possible. Nobody is perfect so I like to follow the 90/10 rule. I eat super clean 90% of the time. 10% of the time, I enjoy my favorite gluten-free treats or indulgent meals like gluten-free pizza, which is my favorite not-so-healthy meal! Begin by shopping the perimeter of the grocery store to find fresh fruits and vegetables, whole protein sources and clean dairy. I often get asked what carbohydrates I can enjoy that are gluten-free. These are the ones I have found work best while also trying to maintain a healthy diet.

My Go-To Gluten-Free Carbohydrates:

Chandice Gluten Free Amaranth2- Whole grain gluten-free bread (Find one with at least 3 grams of fiber) - Sweet potatoes (All potatoes in their pure form are gluten-free) - Brown rice - Wild rice - Brown rice pasta - Non-GMO corn tortillas - Dry beans - Certified gluten-free oats - Quinoa - Amaranth - Buckwheat - Sorghum - Millet - Teff - Non-GMO polenta (pure, no other ingredients) Be sure to only use certified gluten-free grains, especially oats if you have celiac disease, as they are often contaminated with gluten. I personally love and trust Bob's Red Mill grains and Gluten-Free Prairie oats.

Meal Prep Tips:

Chandice Gluten Free Bag02

Save yourself time with how to meal prep by doing many of your ingredients twice a week. I like Sundays and Wednesdays for prep but whatever days work for you are great. Here is what I recommend: - Make a big batch of sweet potato fries by cutting the whole, washed potatoes into strips and placing them on a baking sheet. Spray with a bit of pure coconut oil and season with Real Salt. (It is the ONLY salt I will use as it is unrefined, mineral rich sea salt directly from the Earth.) Bake at 450° for about 20 minutes. - Love rice? Me too but I like it with a kick. Try putting some chopped tomatoes, Cholula, and cumin in with your rice when you cook it. I like to finish it off with a spritz of lime juice. Make a triple batch for easy, flavorful rice whenever you need it. - Make protein prep easy by tossing chicken tenders in the crockpot with your favorite seasonings and herbs. Leave it plain for more versatility in using it throughout the week. - Cut all your veggies for salads, stir fry, and other meals you will be enjoying throughout the week so you can save valuable time. - Keep a small jar of nut butter and a tablespoon in your 6 Pack Bag for easy eating on-the-go. I love having this on hand to enjoy with fruit as I think apples or bananas and peanut butter are a match made in heaven! - Put together meals that you want to have already to go so that you can just grab a container and toss it in your 6 Pack Bag when heading out the door.


Typical Day of Gluten-Free Meal Prep:

So what does a typical day look like for me? Here it is: Meal 1: 2 organic eggs cooked in 1 tsp. coconut oil and 1 C. certified gluten-free oats or creamy hot cereal with 1 scoop of clean, Stevia-sweetened protein powder. Meal 2: Organic turkey jerky and either a KIND bar or nuts and a piece of fresh fruit. Meal 3: Chicken breast with Cholula hot sauce, sweet potato fries, and salad greens topped with diced veggies and coconut aminos or a dairy-free dressing like RawFoodz brand. Meal 4: Fresh fruit with peanut butter and a LIVE Soda kombucha (great for gut health). Meal 5: Wild caught fish, chicken or turkey, lots of vegetables (I love beets and spinach) and wild rice or another gluten-free grain. Meal 6: Organic boiled egg and grapes or another small source of protein and fruit after my evening workout.

Chandice Gluten Free Meal Prep2

As a mom of three little ones under the age of 6, including a six-month-old baby, I have no choice but to be prepared. If I am not, I don't get to eat. I know how important it is to fuel my body, especially while nursing, and with 6 Pack Bags I can do it so much easier. I am making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle not only for myself, but also for my daughter who literally eats whatever I eat. I also want my boys to see their mom as a healthy role model who eats and cooks healthy for both our family and myself.

Chandice Gluten Free Vixen2

Chandice with the Vixen gym tote helping her stay on point with food while on a play date.

Not all meals are on-the-go for us, but many snacks and meals are. I have found great success in the weight loss after all my pregnancies by being prepared with healthy foods and snacks. I actually switched out my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for the Renee gym tote because I just love the secret food compartment it offers so much! While I am still losing the weight from this last pregnancy and a 10.4 lb. baby (I know, gasp by all the mommies out there, right?!) I am confident it will continue to come off and then some. With how to meal prep and dedication to a clean gluten-free diet, I have found success and know those of you who must live gluten-free can too!

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This guest post on how to meal prep gluten-free has been brought to us by Chandice Probst, voice behind the popular gluten-free blog and co-author of Gluten-Free on a Budget. She has also appeared on a TV segment discussing the role the Innovator 500 has played in helping her manage gluten-free fitness. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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