New Year, New You: 5 Most Inspirational Transformations of 2016

New Year, New You With a new year, a new you can be right around the corner too. At 6 Pack, we have so much pride in what a huge difference our meal management bags have been able to play in so many people's lives – and our Fitness Transformations series proves it. We're saying goodbye to 2016 with a look back at 5 of our most impressive and inspirational transformations of the year. Meet some of our most badass fans below!

Danny King

Danny King, by all accounts, should have died. Danny is a 25-year-old personal trainer from Queenstown, New Zealand. A year ago, he felt like he had no place in the world. Nothing in his life seemed to be working out in his favor; he had no goals or aspirations and couldn't even bring himself to play sports anymore, something he had always loved. In his worst moments, he self-medicated with alcohol. Sometimes he would go to the gym, but his depression got squarely in the way of any progress. At his very lowest point, Danny actually attempted suicide by driving a truck off a cliff.

"It was a big shock. Even police said I should be dead. It made me think, 'Maybe I am here for a reason.'"

Amazingly, he survived without a single scratch – and his life was forever changed. Because Danny was forced to reconsider everything, he was able to discover what he now considers his true purpose: helping and inspiring others through his work as a personal trainer. Fitness-Transformation-Danny-05

Kayla Gill

These days, 28-year-old Kayla Gill, a level 1 trauma emergency room nurse, is virtually a new person. Having suffered from being overweight her whole life, when she became a nurse in 2012, she started paying better attention to what she was doing to her body. Although she would always tell her patients to lose weight and stressed the importance of healthy living to them, she wasn't following her own advice. Finally in February 2013, weighing in at 430 pounds, Kayla was at the end of her rope.

"I put myself first and started to love myself and believe in myself. I decided I wanted to stop just existing and start living."

With no real knowledge of working out or proper dieting, Kayla joined a gym and began researching healthy recipes online. Through trial and error (and finding the right personal trainer), Kayla made a commitment to change and stuck to it. Since beginning her transformation, Kayla has shed over 200 pounds! Kayla Gill - Fitness Transformation Header

Quentin Henderson

Quentin Henderson finally made the commitment that would truly change his life – and lost 150+ pounds in the process. He had been wanting to make a lifestyle change for some time, but numerous setbacks – from losing two jobs to a recurrence of his mother's breast cancer to the unexpected end of a 7-year relationship – stopped him from being able to make a commitment to himself. In September of 2014, he suffered an attack that set in motion the transformation that ultimately saved his life.

"[6 Pack] Bags made it amazingly easy to carry everything my lifestyle change needed in order to be effective. Between work and working out, I'm usually gone for at least 12 hours daily. Having what I need to fuel my endeavors is priceless and helps me resist temptation."

With a diverse training regimen and clean diet, Quentin's life is now healthier than ever before; from boxing and basketball to weight lifting, distance running, and even yoga – he does it all! But perhaps most importantly of all, he now wants to be able to help others achieve their goals through his nursing expertise, once he becomes a registered nurse practitioner in the near future. Quentin Transformation

Tom Keyburn

When now-55-year-old Tom Keyburn suffered a motorcycle accident that landed him in the hospital, something even more frightening was revealed in the shadows: prostate cancer. The journey began on Halloween in 2009, when Tom awoke in an ambulance with 8 broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and what the doctors call a minor traumatic brain injury. As he was recovering from those injuries, a prostate cancer screening and then biopsy came back positive. 4 months later, Tom successfully underwent surgery to remove the cancer, but didn't think too hard about changing his partying habits. After months of living like this, his doctor finally impressed some reality upon him when he said: "You are going to die soon. You survived a motorcycle accident, you survived cancer, and you are going to die because of what you eat and how much you drink."

"Anyone can make a change. I did at 52 years old. So can you."

That was it. Tom realized that if he survived a crazy motorcycle accident and prostate cancer, he wasn't going to let something as controllable as a diet kill him. Fast forward a couple years, and Tom officially made his physique competition debut at age 52. Now Tom loves his healthy, fitness-centric lifestyle – and advocating for prostate cancer awareness, too! Tom Header

Sophie Nix

The struggles that 25-year-old hairstylist Sophie Nix experienced with anxiety disorders and eating disorders took such a toll on her, mentally and physically, that it seemed as though a healthy, happy life was not even possible. At age 21, she was on 6 daily medications and had gained 80+ pounds due to some of them. She was in denial about the weight gain for some time, but when she caught a glimpse of herself in some photos from a friend's wedding, she knew enough was enough.

"I really SAW myself for the first time since I had piled on the weight."

Luckily, Sophie had a friend, Teresa, who had been trying to make workout dates for the two of them. As soon as Sophie saw those photos, she gave Teresa a call, joined her for her next home workout, and hasn't looked back since. Her husband even built a home gym for her in their garage, which quickly became her favorite place to work out. Ultimately, she hopes to someday compete in bikini and figure competitions, but for now, she is also honored to share her past and current experiences in the hopes of potentially helping and inspiring others to make their own life changes! Sophie Header Whether you're gaining weight, packing on the muscle, or leveling out your body, a fitness transformation is always an impressive achievement worthy of recognition. Start the New Year with a new you today – head to the gym, nutritional fuel easily on hand in your meal management bag!

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