Winter Bulk: 3 Tips to Maximize Your Gains

Winter Bulk Header Just because temperatures are low doesn't mean your productivity has to be! 6 Pack has your back with three of our favorite tips for how to beat the weather blues and pack on the winter bulk, instead. Are you ready to get ripped? Keep reading!

1. Love your protein.

Let's face it: protein is kind of always the most important macro, but especially so when it comes to winter bulk. However, not getting enough proteins in your diet is a surefire way to spoil your gains. If you want to bulk, you need more calories – plain and simple. Carbs, fats, and proteins can all be stored as fat, but protein has the hardest time getting there. Still, it can be difficult to get the full amount of protein necessary for optimal winter bulk simply in one's food. Luckily, this is where protein powder comes into the picture; easily up your protein combustion with a mid-day protein shake, which also happens to be a great snack. In fact, if you're not already, you should forget the old "three days a meal" schedule; instead plan on feasting on around 30 grams of protein every 3-4 hours, as consuming more meals daily will actually heighten the muscle-building process of muscle-protein synthesis.

2. Keep your immune system strong.

The scourge of those who live in cold climates is a terrible little thing called flu season. People get sick left and right, and when you throw in the holidays – where you come into contact with all your potentially germy loved ones, as well as face the risk of possibly overeating – you get a recipe for disaster. Here's the good news: the immune system is largely affected by what's in your gut. If you're a healthy person, you will have a healthy gut. Our favorite immune system booster happens to be quite tasty, too: the probiotics-enriched Greek yogurt! Kefir, which is a yogurt-like beverage made by fermenting milk, naturally contains probiotics and comes in plain varieties if you want to skip all the sugar that comes with the flavored versions. Winter Bulk

3. Pay attention to your weight.

Another crucial component to maximizing your winter bulk is to stay consistent with regard to tracking your macros and calories on a daily basis. This obviously takes time and commitment, but if you want to pack the muscle on, you will need to be dedicated. But what's important to remember is that your diet should actually match your macros so you're obtaining the proper proportions. By monitoring your weight, you can tell if the process is working correctly: you should not gain weight too fast or too slow. If your weight is not within your target range, then you'll know to up your calories – or vice versa! Of course, no matter how much you train to get your winter bulk in, you won't get anywhere if your body isn't properly fueled with healthy nutrients and clean foods. Our original meal management bags make meal prepping a breeze – and if you're too busy to cook, our prepared fit meals can be delivered right to your door at home. In our world, "excuse" is no longer a word. Anyone can achieve their fitness goals and dreams – and we're here to help! If you need even more inspiration, find it in our Fitness Transformation stories.

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