By: Jon Weeks


Sadly, my off-season has officially started, which means I'm not playing the Big Game. However, just because I'm not playing this upcoming weekend doesn't mean my diet can relax. I want to share with everyone just a little peek into my eating routine and habits during the season.  These are the secrets I use to help fuel me during the long grind of the NFL regular season.

Our week usually begins with a workout and film breakdown; then practice.  But it's the proper diet and recovery work that is the key to ensuring I'm trending in the right direction physically as Sunday approaches. I've been using Macros for the past two years and am still trying to find exactly what numbers best work for me, but I find that 100/130g carbs, 85/100g fat, and 215/230g protein is where my body feels its best, but the numbers will vary slightly depending on my work load for the week as well.

I try to meal prep and bring my meals with me to the stadium each day, but we do have a full cafeteria available to us as well.  Even on the days I don't prepare my meals, I still usually have my 'Expedition' bag from 6 Pack Bags and pack it with everything I need for the day, including game plans, snacks, protein, and vitamins.  I'm a bit of a backpack connoisseur and the Expedition has been my favorite for a while!

Now let's talk about my routine for the pre-game night meal and game day breakfast!

Pre-game meal:

* Spinach salad (two cups) usually with fat free honey mustard, bacon, and black beans

* 3oz of veggies (green beans, broccoli)

* 6-8 oz protein (chicken, steak or fish)

Game Day Breakfast: (Sadly, I've recently become allergic to whole eggs so, I try my best to stay away )

* Greek yogurt 4oz with berries

* 3 strips of bacon

** And then I'll make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to have at halftime!

And that about covers it!  That's the eating routine I use to get me through the tough NFL season.  If I don't eat right, I can feel it.  Treat your body right, and it will take you a long way!

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