Transformations Series: Arman Ibric

fitness transformation arman-02 Our Transformations Series showcases a variety of individuals from all walks of life that have been able to overcome their singular struggles to truly transform themselves. Whether through weight loss or muscle gain, the dedication and motivation to succeed propelled these individuals to success. We couldn't be happier to have such kick-ass fans that have been able to use our meal management systems, gym bags, and duffle bags to such great success, and so we're sharing a few of their stories each month. Today we meet Arman Ibric, a 22-year-old that survived a childhood in a war-torn country and weight issues as an adolescent to now be the self-employed owner of Arman Ibric Fitness, his own personal training company. Arman had battled the problem of being underweight for years, as his family started with nothing but $20 when they escaped the war and came to America. Over time, through hard work and sacrifice, they were able to make ends meet and afford their family the opportunity to make something for themselves. Arman's fitness transformation started when he was 17, but it wasn't until 2011 when he was 19 that he started lifting and dieting correctly. fitness transformation arman-03

Arman remembers well the exact moment that he knew he wanted to make a change in his life. In his words, "I knew when I set on the football field for Pennsbury High School my freshman year that I had to grow. Immediately after, I fell in love with the weight room."

The biggest hurdle he had to overcome in his fitness transformation was the process of gaining weight. He had to eat 6 to 9 meals every day because he was so ectomorphic that his body would burn it unbelievably quickly. Keeping up with such high macros was definitely a challenge, but one such challenge that was undoubtedly made easier through the use of his 6 Pack gym bag. Arman's training regimen is pretty intense, with a 6-day program that currently entails the following: "Monday: chest and triceps; Tuesday: back and biceps; Wednesday: legs and calves; Thursday: shoulders and HIIT training; Friday: biceps and triceps; Saturday: Light full body workout, with abdominals every day for 20 minutes." He switches the order of his routine on a monthly basis. fitness transformation arman-05 Fitness inspiration is often a hugely important component in one's fitness transformation, and for Arman, the biggest inspiration came from one of bodybuilding's most famous figures: Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. However, as he grew deeper into physique, Sadik Hadzovic and Steve Cook, 6 Pack Athlete, became more realistic idols. In fact, Steve Cook is how Arman heard about 6 Pack Bags. He began watching Steve Cook on YouTube before creating his own channel, Arman Ibric Fitness. He first saw the unique meal management gym bags on Steve Cook's channel just a few years ago. In his own words, Arman told us that "6 Pack Bags helped [his] transformation incredibly." Arman purchased the Innovator 300 and was able to bring all his meals everywhere. When he was eating 6-8 meals a day, the Innovator truly helped him continue in his lean gains.

"The Innovator saved my life."

When it comes to both fitness and life, Arman always tells his clients and his friends that your success, everyone you do in life, is "all up to you." He firmly believes that outside variables just cannot affect the success of your dreams as much as you personally do, and that applies in fitness as well as any other goals anyone might have. Since he started his own company while still a college student, Arman hopes that he can be someone people can look up to, and one day even open his own gym using the company name. He hopes that his journey of surviving growing up in a war, and his family starting life in America with $20 in their pockets and 5 mouths to feed can teach people that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve success as long as you're willing to take the steps and work through the ups and downs that life naturally brings. fitness transformation arman-04 Arman loves fitness and health, and truly shines when he is able to give friends and family help and advice on these subjects. Arman was one out of 100 people chosen to work with as a trainer and affiliate, and this self-professed big milestone will help him reach even more people. Arman's unwavering belief in hard work gave him the ability to overcome. For further insight into his fitness transformation, check out his training company's website and YouTube channel!

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