Transformations Series: Saqib Habib

fitness transformation saqib-01 Our Transformations Series highlights individuals that have overcome a wide variety of issues, from troubles with weight gain to challenges in losing weight to difficulty managing a diet. Through various means, from sticking to a regimented schedule to making the most out of using meal management systems and gym backpacks, our profiles seek to share those with a fitness story to tell. Today we meet Saqib Habib, a 25-year-old Master Trainer at an athletic club in New Jersey. Saqib was born in Pakistan in a very poor state where his family lived in poverty for four years. There were nights when he would go hungry and thirsty because his family could not afford more. Today, his family is able to help others in need by feeding thousands of hungry kids in Pakistan. Saqib's transformation began in 2005 when he was 16 entering high school. At the time he weighed, in his words, "around 220 pounds of pure fat" and didn't know the meaning of the word exercise. He was eventually able to lose over 100 pounds, but was later injured in a game of lacrosse and gained pounds post-surgery. After several years of being unhappy with his body fat percentage, he finally made the ultimate decision to attain the biggest fitness transformation of his life: he committed to taking part in a bodybuilding competition. fitness transformation saqib-03 On January 1st, 2014 he weighed 185 pounds with 26% body fat. By June he was down to 145, 4% for his competition. He's now in what he proudly considers the best shape of his life at 160 pounds, 8% body fat. Overcoming your own genetics may seem impossible, but Saqib shows that you can do your best to manage your own future. His own personal health issue is his right knee. He lived on a bad knee for many years when he was unable to afford surgery. He finally received the surgery he needed last year and has a good working leg. His training includes workouts five days a week, with heavy weight training in a bodybuilding split. For his prep, he did three days a week of HIIT cardiovascular exercise, with one day of rest/active recovery. He followed a very strict diet for 6 months, avoiding dairy and heavy grains. He also cut out coffee and juices, and drank a lot of water. He followed specific macros of roughly 190-200 grams of protein a day, 150-170 grams of carbohydrates, and 35 grams of fat. As he would plateau, he would just change his macros and continue the new plan. fitness transformation saqib-02 6 Pack Bags entered the equation through a friend of Saqib's who is big into fitness. The friend had a bag, and Saqib's interest was piqued by the fact that 6 Pack works with many great fitness professionals and models.

"They make meal prepping very easy, with different compartments that allowed me to have all my supplements and water bottles in the same place. It looks awesome too."

Saqib truly lives by the idea that everything happens for a reason. His goals for the future include becoming a doctor of physical therapy to help injured patients back to health. Inspired by his own physical therapist, who helped him throughout his life, he wants to do the same for people. He has already been a personal trainer for 4 years now, and he wants to combine the two fields in order to be the best possible doctor he can be. fitness transfomation saqib3-02 The fitness transformation that increased both his mental and physical confidence reinforced Saqib's belief that if you trust the process and be stay patient, things will work out. Follow him further on his Instagram, personal blog, and Facebook. Head on over to our Transformations Series to check out some more of the awesome 6 Pack Bag fans that have changed their lives, and the meal management bags and gym backpacks that have helped them achieve their goals.

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