Transformations Series: Eli Mattioda

fitness transformationeli-03 Changing the way you approach fitness and food is a serious undertaking, not something to be taken lightly. Often it requires completely restructuring your entire life – not an easy task! That's why we're so proud to share the inspiring fitness transformation stories of our badass fans. fitness transformationeli-04Today we meet Eli Mattioda, a 29-year-old Californian who dropped over 70 pounds with the help of our meal management systems and her own powerful commitment and dedication. Elisha, better known as Eli, followed a bit of a winding road to arrive at her fitness transformation. She was very unhappy at her original weight of 237 pounds, but then a man she began dating got her into running. She used to hate the activity of running, but over time grew to enjoy it, and went from being a running mentor for a local training group to accomplishing a Tough Mudder to running her first marathon with her training crew! Although she was an inspiration to the crew, she was hard on herself because she weighed 215 pounds. Eli points to 2012 as the true beginning of her fitness transformation and the year she dedicated to putting her health first. She lost weight, even winning a weight loss challenge, but a new goal presented itself in 2013: competing in her first INBA Figure competition. Belief in herself was Eli's biggest hurdle, but her remarkable weight loss and reduction in body fat proved to her that if you believe in yourself and have the right support, you can truly accomplish anything.

"I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the gym [and] completely changed my lifestyle. On the day of the competition, I was 140 pounds! I went from over 35% body fat to 17%."

Since then, she has competed in 3 shows back to back, but took last summer off to mentally prep for the next show and make time to help friends and family achieve their own fitness goals. "My hard work is never done," Eli said. "I'm always looking for more ways to challenge myself and push myself to the next level." Denise, Eli's boss, coach, trainer, and friend, believed in Eli before Eli believed in herself, and is naturally Eli's biggest inspiration. Denise now has a team of 20 girls called the Knockouts who compete in INBA & NPC figure competitions and Eli is incredibly proud to be a part of the team. Through the power of Instagram, Eli was introduced to 6 Pack Bags. "I saw someone posted a photo of one and I was in the middle of competition prep, lugging my food [around] and struggling," Eli said.

"[I am] so happy [I found] this amazing brand. It is the best investment in meal prep and lifestyle. I now own 5 different bags, [including] the Renee Tote in two colors, and am always prepared without hurting my diet."

fitness transformationeli-01Eli's everyday training consists of lifting 4-5 days a week and doing cardio 5 days a week. Clean eating is the name of the meal game for her, and she always makes sure to aim for 5 oz. of protein and 4 oz. carbs a meal. (She does allow herself a cheat meal once or twice a week, because she is, after all, human!) Her fitness words to live by are simple, but important: always meal prep! "It's a life saver," she said. Another important point she strongly believes in is to never give up on yourself.

"Invest in you and make yourself a priority."

Now Eli works at Training Loft 714, a body transformation studio, and is on her way to getting her own personal training certification in order to help others. She harbors an immense passion for fitness transformation stories and helping people believe in themselves like others believed in her. There is no doubt in our minds that Eli will succeed at whatever she puts her mind to, and we're proud to have played such a great role in her fitness journey! For more of the motivation fitness transformation tales of our awesome fans, check out our Transformations Series. For the perfect meal management system for your life, you're sure to find the right bag for you between our gym backpacks, gym totes, and sports duffle bags.

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